"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Whining About the Caucus

There has been plenty of talk since Super Tuesday’s caucus events. From everything I have read, it seems that the democrats did not plan very well for their caucus. Talk of changing Minnesota from a caucus state to one that has a primary to determine who runs for president is the hot topic of the moment.

In this opinion piece from the Red Star Tribune we are subject to the usual whining of the left,


Our own State Rep. Rick Hansen, South St. Paul, says he's been called by seniors who wanted to vote, but couldn't come out at night. "This isn't good for them," he says of the caucus system.

I wonder if he offered any of them a ride. Maybe Rick Hansen should buy Wellstone’s old bus and provide shuttle service for them in the future.

Other comments included this from Lori Sturdevant, Red Star Tribune editorial writer, “Rumors swirl at Carpenters' Hall, to wit: Churches taking in lost caucus-goers. Police turning crowds away. I expect to hear next that the Red Cross is on its way with blankets.”

It seems that some brilliant democrats ventured out on a cold February evening with out a heavy winter coat.

Republicans came out in unheard of numbers also, but I have not heard any complaints from them. We stood tall and did what we came to do. Sure, my precinct ran out of official ballots. When we did we used pieces of paper. But guess what, it all worked out. We got the job done!

As far as I am concerned, the democrats can do whatever they like. Just don’t ask the state to provide them any of my tax money to pay for it.

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