"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Friday, February 27, 2009

Second Amendment Task Force Created!


WASHINGTON D.C. - U.S. Congressman Dan Boren, (OK-2) and U.S. Congressman Paul Broun, (GA-10), Co-Chairs of the Second Amendment Task Force (SATF) in the U.S. House of Representatives, released the following statements regarding Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent comments on the possibility of the Obama Administration seeking to reinstate a ban on sales of assault weapons.

Congressman Boren
“The Second Amendment Task Force is adamantly opposed to reinstating the ban on the sale of assault weapons as it clearly would demonstrate a violation of United States citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. The Constitution absolutely does not outline any provision to restrict ownership of a gun belonging to a specific category. I will diligently work with my colleagues on the Second Amendment Task Force to defeat any form of legislation in Congress that poses a threat to the Second Amendment.”

Congressman Paul Broun
“The Attorney General’s recent comments about reinstating the ‘assault weapons’ ban are extremely troubling since a ban clearly violates our Constitutional right to bear arms. The Second Amendment Task Force opposes the discussed ban and will fight any attempts that infringe on our Second Amendment rights.”

The Second Amendment Task Force was created in the 111th Congress to monitor legislation regarding the Second Amendment in the U.S. House of Representatives. It acts as a unified and proactive force to promote legislation that protects the Second Amendment and to fight legislation that poses a threat to citizens’ Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

The bipartisan task force includes a group of Members from a wide spectrum of backgrounds that represent a large geographical area:

Rep. Dan Boren (D-OK), Task Force Co-Chair
Rep. Jason Altmire (D-PA)
Rep. Travis Childers (D-MS)
Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D-IN)
Rep. Jim Matheson (D-UT)
Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-NC)

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA), Task Force Co-Chair
Rep. Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT)
Rep. John Carter (R-TX)
Rep. John Boozman (R-AR)
Rep. Steve King (R-IA)
Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Found this video posted on a hate-filled, left-wing, socialist, Obama loving forum that a friend sent me the link to. This forum is titled "Websites that must be banned" Here is the link to it, http://www.theobamaforum.com/showthread.php?t=1808&page=18 I am glad that a few good people with freedom in thier hearts are willing to post there.

Here are a few excerpts of what people are posting on this forum,

The government should censor the entire Internet. Only information constructive to the cause of the people and progress should be permitted.

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas. ~ Stalin

"Banning guns is an idea whose time has come." Joe Biden

This from a real genius who calls himself RedBlade and posts a picture of Che,
All rightwing gun blogs should be removed from the net..

More from the Che lover,

For struggle, Solidarity and Socialism ! I swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Obama, Our laws and his will, according to him. We will not overthrow the government with violence .We shall stand, remain and be the law of his realm for ever. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead for Obama to deliver them from evil.

Soon enough bro, we gonna cut the bacon off the back of these fat ass whiteys.

The people who post crap like this are the first to cry "racist" if anyone says anything other than praise for the messiah Obama!

Does that give you an idea of the type of people that worship at the alter of the messiah Obama?

Check this out,

A call from Opinion One

Received a call from a place called "Opinion One" this morning. It was an automated call that asked me if I would participate in a poll, if so please press 1. I normally hang up when I get junk calls like this but out of curiosity I complied and pressed 1.

Next I was asked to press 1 if I am a liberal, 2 if I am a moderate, or press 3 if I am a Conservative. This was an easy one for me and I immediately pressed 3. I was instantaneously disconnected!

My first thoughts on this were, Who is paying for this poll, and I thought, the results of this poll are rigged as they do not want to asked Conservatives the questions.

Point of this is that I am sooooo glad I am educated enough to distrust polls.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blame government, not the market

Meltdown melodrama
Thomas Sowell

From television specials to newspaper editorials, the media are pushing the idea that current economic problems were caused by the market and that only the government can rescue us.

What was lacking in the housing market, they say, was government regulation of the market’s “greed.” That makes great moral melodra­ma, but it turns the facts upside down.
It was precisely govern­ment intervention that turned a thriving industry into a basket case.
An economist specializing in financial markets gave a glimpse of the history of housing markets when he said: “Lending money to American homebuyers had been one of the least risky and most profitable busi­nesses a bank could engage in for nearly a century.”
That was what the market was like before the govern­ment intervened. Like many government interventions, it began small and later grew.
The Community Reinvest­ment Act of 1977 directed fed­eral regulatory agencies to “encourage” banks and other lending institutions “to help meet the credit needs of the local communities in which they are chartered consistent with the safe and sound operation of such institutions.”
That sounds pretty inno­cent, and in fact it had little effect for more than a decade. However, its premise was that bureaucrats and politicians know where loans should go, better than people who are in the business of making loans.

The real potential
of that premise became apparent in the 1990s, when the Depart­ment of Housing and Urban Development imposed a requirement that mortgage lenders demonstrate with hard data that they were meeting their responsibili­ties under the Community Reinvestment Act.
What HUD wanted were numbers showing that mort­gage loans were being made to low-income and moderate­income people on a scale that HUD expected, even if this required “innovative or flexi­ble” mortgage eligibility standards.
In other words, quotas were imposed — and if some people didn’t meet the stan­dards, then the standards needed to be changed.
Both HUD and the Depart­ment of Justice began bring­ing lawsuits against mort­gage bankers when a higher percentage of minority appli­cants than white applicants were turned down for mort­gage
loans. A substantial majority of both black and white mort­gage loan applicants had their loans approved, but a statistical difference was enough to get a bank sued.
It should also be noted

that the same statistical sources from which data on blacks and whites were obtained usually contained data on Asian Americans as well. But those data on Asian Americans were almost never mentioned.
Whites were turned down for mortgage loans more often than Asian Americans. But saying that would under­mine the reasoning on which the whole moral melodrama and political crusades were based.
Lawsuits were only part of the pressures put on lenders by government officials. Banks and other lenders are overseen by regulatory agen­cies and must go to those agencies for approval of many business decisions that other businesses make without needing anyone else’s approval.
Government regulators refused to approve such deci­sions when a lender was under investigation for not producing satisfactory statis­tics on loans to low-income people or minorities.

Under growing pressures

from both the Clinton admin­istration and later the George W. Bush administra­tion, banks began to lower their lending standards.
Mortgage loans with no down payment, no income verification and other “cre­ative” financial arrange­ments abounded. Although this was done under pres­sures begun in the name of the poor and minorities, peo­ple who were neither could also get these mortgage loans.
With mortgage loans wide­ly available to people with questionable prospects of being able to keep up the payments, it was an open invitation to financial disas­ter.
Those who warned of the dangers had their warnings dismissed. Now, apparently, we need more politicians intervening in more indus­tries, if you believe the politi­cians and the media.

Thomas Sowell, a former economics professor and the author of a dozen books, is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. He grew up in Harlem, served in the Marines and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard. He earned his PhD in economics at the University of Chicago. His Web site is www. tsowell. com.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Montana Declares State Rights Under the 10th Amendment

House shoots down federal gun controls
Posted on Feb. 14

By KAHRIN DEINES of the Associated Press

HELENA (AP) - Montana lawmakers fired another shot in battles for states’ rights as they supported letting some Montana gun owners and dealers skip reporting their transactions to the federal government.

Under House Bill 246, firearms made in Montana and used in Montana would be exempt from federal regulation. The same would be true for firearm accessories and ammunition made and sold in the state.

“What we need here is for Montana to be able to handle Montana’s business and affairs,” Republican Rep. Joel Boniek told fellow lawmakers Saturday. The wilderness guide from Livingston defeated Republican incumbent Bruce Malcolm in last spring’s election. Boniek’s measure aims to circumvent federal authority over interstate commerce, which is the legal basis for most gun regulation in the United States. The bill potentially could release Montanans from both federal gun registration requirements and dealership licensing rules. Since the state has no background-check laws on its own books, the legislation also could free gun purchasers from that requirement.

“Firearms are inextricably linked to the history and culture of Montana, and I’d like to support that,” Boniek said. “But I want to point out that the issue here is not about firearms. It’s about state rights.”

The House voted 64-36 for the bill on Saturday. If it clears a final vote, the measure will go to the Senate.

House Republicans were joined by 14 Democrats in passing the measure.

“I would hope that our U.S. Supreme Court would begin to retreat from what I think is an abusive interpretation of our interstate commerce clause,” said Rep. Deborah Kottel, a Democrat from Great Falls who supports the measure.

That clause in the U.S. Constitution grants Congress authority to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the states. The Supreme Court has handled cases seeking to limit the clause’s application in recent years. In 2005, the court upheld federal authority to regulate marijuana under the clause, even when its use is limited to noncommercial purposes n such as medical reasons n and it is grown and used within a state’s borders.

The Montana bill follows fears here and elsewhere that the election of Barack Obama as president will trigger more gun regulation. In the months before Obama’s inauguration, Montanans rushed to stock up on guns, pushing gun sales beyond normal benchmarks despite the recession.

Opponents of the measure worry lax regulations in the state could lead to a similar surge in both gun sales and gun manufacturing.

“Who are we bringing in and is this the kind of business we want to have in this state?” asked Rep. Sue Malek, D-Missoula. “I want our state to be recognized as a state that cares about people, and that cares about the environment.”

The bill is one of a number the Legislature is considering that may extend gun rights in Montana.

Earlier in the week, the House passed another measure, HB228, that would let Montanans carry concealed weapons in city limits without having permits.

On Saturday the House Judiciary Committee narrowly passed a resolution that affirms Montanans’ right to carry weapons in national parks and wildlife refuges.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rick Hansen was Worried!

I had a discussion back in December with a gentleman that works for House Republican Research. When he realized that I ran for State Representative in House District 39A, he informed me of the fact that Representative Rick Hansen had called the DFL for help with his campaign. Rick was worried! LOL People had told me that Rick was a weak candidate.

Here is a little tidbit I bumped into this evening,


I found the above link at this website,


This is the on the Twin Cities Public Television website! I am sure the democrats would not care to see something like the fairness doctrine applied to this biased web site. And to think that they are tax payer funded! I say this is the first place we cut some spending to balance the budget! You whiny tofu eating liberals can beg for money at the phone banks to fund your biased media. They do not deserve a dime of taxpayer money.

I once said to Rick, "If I lose I will do one of two things. Never run again, or come at you twice as hard." I occasionaly get fired up when I read crap like this. We will see what the future holds!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Floor Debate Time Limit or Gag the Minority?

From the Session Daily,

Some call a proposed change to the House Permanent Rules just a “newer fancier way to gag the minority,” while others say that it will make for better and more informed debate.

This and other potential changes to House rules governing procedure and acceptable conduct were approved by the House Rules and Legislative Administration Committee. The changes are expected to be taken up on the House floor Thursday. But don’t expect passage to happen without debate.

One rule change would expand the committee’s authority to set the amount of time a bill would be debated on the floor, including amendments.

House Majority Leader Tony Sertich (DFL-Chisholm), chairman of the committee, said this change would not place a mandatory time limit on floor debate nor eliminate floor amendments. “We won’t be using a stopwatch,” he said.

But House Minority Leader Marty Seifert (R-Marshall), called the plan "a dangerous precedent," saying the floor, oftentimes, is the only place where concerns of minority caucus members can be heard. “If we have a bill that impacts my community, I’m going to stand there and defend my communities and my values.”

There was disagreement as well over the value of amendments offered on the floor. Seifert said when large omnibus bills are considered, there is the potential for more amendments, and emphasized they serve as a tool for the minority caucus to be heard.

Rep. Gene Pelowski Jr. (DFL-Winona) countered that amendments offered on the floor leave little time for member review, and that the committee is the appropriate place for amendments to be considered.

Politics, The Stimulus, and our Future!

A letter form my friend Don Lee.


I'm sure you've noticed the debate about the nearly Trillion dollar
"Stimulus" legislation making its way through the Federal
legislature. (a.k.a. Economic Recovery Package.)

I am very concerned about this legislation, enough that I am willing to
do this mass mailing. It's important, and I think your input to lawmakers
will make a difference.

The Stimulus Package will cost $800 billion plus interest. That's
more than the entire Iraq war. It's bigger than the whole economy of
. The Stimulus money will be spent without a penny of taxation
to cover it. It is pure debt, approximately $2500 of debt for every
one of us - man, woman and child.

This debt will be added on top of the $700 billion bailout enacted
during the final months of 2008, and on top of the one Trillion
dollar deficit
projected for 2009 and on top of the $10 trillion
national debt we owe from previous years. This debt is real. It will
either be repaid honestly through higher taxation, or dishonestly by
corrupting our currency through inflation. Add this to the looming
social security insolvency, and the bottom line is that we are lying
to ourselves and our children by making promises we can't keep.
It is a total abandonment of any pretense of fiscal discipline.

If we think our economy is in a "crisis" now, we will lack words to
describe the catastrophe when this bill comes due and we can't or
won't pay it. The results will not be numbers on paper. Our economy
will unravel as "the full faith and credit of the U.S. government"
becomes worthless.

This Stimulus Package is not going to pull our economy out of its
current slump. Rather than being a carefully targeted economic
program, it is a hopeless hodgepodge containing everything from the
rebirth of "the bridge to nowhere" to "stealth" legislation on
network neutrality and socialized medicine. If you don't believe me,
take a look at what the bill actually says. You can see the House
version (600-plus pages) at


Also available at: (from jan 24th)


The House and Senate versions are being reconciled in conference
right now and a final vote will be taken in the next few

This is terrible legislation. We cannot allow our politicians to ram
massive, unscrutinized legislation with enormous cost and dubious
benefits through the legislative process because "the sky is falling".

Please read about this "stimulus". It is Bad News for us and our children.
If you agree with me, please contact your senator(s) and representatives.
Pass this letter on to anyone and everyone.

If you disagree, please convince me that I am wrong, because I think this
legislation is a watershed event that we will seriously regret.

-Don Lee

Links: rep contact:


Links: the legislation:

http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?c111:7:./temp/~c111gY1vuJ:: (today's version)
http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/F?c111:1:./temp/~c111MwCl1U:e257646: (medical privacy)

links: analysis:

http://www.politico.com/static/PPM116_obamadoc.html (best case - from Obama office)

Congress to defer its 2010 pay raise. What about 2009?

Congress to defer its 2010 pay raise
WASHINGTON — The No. 2 Democrat in the House says Capitol Hill lawmakers are going to give up the automatic pay raise they’re due next year. Maryland Democrat Steny Hoyer says it would be inappropriate for Congress to take its annual cost-of-living pay hike in 2010 while the economy is in such bad shape and so many people are losing their jobs. But lawmakers are going ahead and pocketing the $5,000 salary hike they got at the beginning of this year to raise their salaries to $174,000.

— Associated Press

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Action Alert: Contact you Representatives Now to Require Photo ID to Vote!

Dear Fellow Minnesota Conservative:

Our first action is around the pending legislation that would require voters to present an ID on Election Day. Specific information is included below please review prior to calling.


The bill is in House Government Committee. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday, February 12 at 8:30 in State Office Building RM 200.

We have ID two members of the committee who could be moved. Please call them- especially if they are your rep.

Jeanne Poppe (DFL) (Austin, Houston, Filmore) 651-296-4193 rep.jeanne.poppe@house.mn

Jeremy Kalin (DFL) (Chisago County) 651-296-5377


Look for your rep on the committee list http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/comm/committeemembers.asp?comm=86132 and call them!


Forward this email to anyone who would support voter ID legislation. Please remove any headers prior to forwarding so the message stays clean.

We can win this if they hear from us. Clean elections make for clean government.

Thanks for your help!! If you (or your friends) want to continue supporting our efforts to move conservative causes, please reply to mnconservative@comcast.net. We need all the help we can get. You will receive updates on pressing legislation with a summary so you can talk intelligently about the issues as you contact your representative.


The House Bill is HF 57.

  • Require photo ID when voting or when registering to vote.
  • Provide provisional ballots to those who do not have ID on them - If ID is provided within 5 days, the provisional ballot will be counted.
  • Provide Free Photo ID to those without the means to obtain one.

Answers to common objections:

There is no evidence of voter fraud This is simply not true. While it is exceedingly difficult to discover and prove who the perpetrators of fraud are, there is a mountain of evidence that indicates voter fraud is likely occurring. Prosecutions and convictions of voter fraud are rare because our system makes it nearly impossible to ascertain the identity of fraudulent voters. Minnesota Majority has compiled evidence including thousands of instances that indicate errors or abuse. This evidence has been provided to law enforcement officials for investigation.

Voter registration fraud isn’t voter fraud It is if an improper voter registration is used to cast a ballot. Information in the publicly available voter registration rolls suggests that this has likely been occurring. Voter registration fraud can also be employed to generate thousands of bogus registrations that are used to obscure inconsistencies between vote totals and legitimate registered voters.

Requiring confirmation of a voter's identity will disenfranchise voters There is no evidence to support this claim. In fact, the opposite is true. Legitimate voters are being disenfranchised now by a failure to verify the integrity of the system. When improper ballots are commingled with legitimate ballots, there is no way to retract illegitimate ballots from the system. Defending a system that doesn’t take meaningful steps to prevent illegitimate ballots from being introduced into an election undermines the votes of legitimate voters. It has been estimated that there are only approximately 40,000 Minnesota citizens that currently don't have a government-issued photo ID. Voter ID bills introduced in the past have included funding to provide free state-issued identification cards to these individuals. These ID cards would actually benefit low-income people by helping them better integrate into society. It’s difficult to function in society, let alone get ahead without proper identification. Indiana recently enacted a voter ID requirement and enjoyed record-breaking voter participation in the 2008 election.

Michelle R. Benson



Sunday, February 8, 2009

Representative Rick Hansen Plays Pork Barrel Politics With Lessard Outdoor Heritage Council Money!

Rick Hansen has been very busy with tax payer money lately. Despite the fact that our great state has a record budget deficit of nearly 5 billion dollars, Representative Hansen is busy dreaming up bazaar ways to spend money that is earmarked as dedicated outdoor funds.

On January 27th I wrote about Hansen's desire to spend a million bucks on dog parks. You can read it here,

Now Rick is taking more heat from every angle for his latest desire to spend our tax dollars frivolously. Today several newspaper articles hit the news stands to point out his antics and the ire of the outdoor community. This morning I drank my coffee and read the article by Chris Niskanen in the Pioneer Press. But I did not realize the full affect of his folly until I received an email from Sportsmen for Change, the organization that fought for the Outdoor Amendment that was passed on last years ballot.

We as voters were sold as advertised an amendment to our State Constitution that would give us clean water and more land to hunt and this is what the majority of Minnesota voters believed they were voting for. Now we have Hansen at the Capitol writing bills to create dog parks and map easements!

But wait, there's more! Hansen wants to use the dedicated outdoor money to fund the Minnesota Conservation Corp in the hope of creating jobs which is outside the legal scope of how the constitutional amendment was written.

Today Chris Niskanen writes,

Rep. Rick Hansen, DFL-South St. Paul, recently introduced a bill that would allocate $1 million from the Outdoor Heritage Fund to pay for the Minnesota Conservation Corps to map and monitor conservation projects. This is the sort of end-run legislative mischief that voters and outdoors folks have come to despise.

Read the rest of the story here,
Chris Niskanen: Outdoor fund is for habitat, not 'jobs program'

Dennis Anderson writes,

The kicker? Hansen and Gunther are among four legislators on the 12-member Lessard Council. Both were appointed by House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, whose chamber is quickly reducing itself to joke status among those who are paying attention.

Read the whole story here,

Doug Smith writes,

Wrote Nelson on the Conservation Minnesota website: "The intended purpose of the council was to insert the citizen voice into how habitat monies would be spent, with the hope that politics would play a reduced role in the disbursements of funds.

''By sidestepping the LOHC, Hansen's bill blows that notion to smithereens. Hansen's action, if allowed, would set a precedent that would effectively render the LOHC moot and feed the cynicism of citizens toward government. Lots of folks across the state would justifiably feel betrayed if the promise of the Lessard Outdoor Heritage Council is gutted.''

Read the whole story here,

Here is an excerpt from an article published on the website TheAmendment.org,

The legislature established the Lessard Outdoor Heritage Council and assigned the Council the responsibility of recommending projects to the legislature for funding from the Outdoor Heritage Fund. We on the Council presumed they meant it. Silly us.

Here’s what happened. A bill has been introduced in the State House that appropriates one million dollars out of the Outdoor Heritage Fund. The problem? Not only did the bill not originate from the Council, we knew nothing about its existence. The Council has not yet even begun hearing proposals. We begin that next week.

Bizarrely, Representative Rick Hansen, a member of the LOHC, is the bill’s chief author. Why did Rep. Hansen do what he did? I hope to learn the answer at our meeting, Monday, February 9. By totally bypassing the Council the action violates both the spirit and the intent of the statutory language establishing the Council.

The rest of the story,

Here you can read the amendment as written to our State Constitution,

21 Traits of a democrat

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Patriot Network Alert

Good information to pass on to the sleeping public. It is preaching to the choir for most of you.

Redistribute to the sleepers.

9+ States have now declared sovereignty, now add Washington to the list.

In case you didn't hear about it on the mainstream media (which you haven't because they want to keep us asleep), numerous states are currently declaring or have already declared sovereignty, including:

Read the full text here,

New Hampshire




Text of bill here,




Possibly: Colorado, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Montana, Arkansas, Idaho,
Indiana, Alaska, Kansas, Alabama, Nevada, Maine, Illinois

It is interesting to note that Arizona explicitly speaks about continuity of government and the role of servicemen.

.."if the President or any other federal entity attempts to institute martial law or its equivalent without an official declaration in one or more of the states without the consent of that state ...
individual members of the military return to their respective states and report to the Governor until a new President is elected;..."

Full text: http://www.azleg.gov/FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/legtext/

"The Tenth Amendment was intended to confirm the understanding of the people at the time the Constitution was adopted, that powers not granted to the United States were reserved to the States or to the people. It added nothing to the instrument as originally ratified." -- United States v. Sprague, 282 U.S. 716, 733 (1931).

Audio/Video Clip: Ron Paul on the Obama's probable future for US sovereignty:
http://video.google.com/videosearch? q=sovereignty&

The American Form of Government DVD/Video - JBS Oldie but goody.
or watch below.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We Are Republican

I like this video! It is of honest people with honest reasons for being what they are and who they are. Republican.

There are many of us that see a need for new leadership within our party. That we have drifted away from our conservative message and become moderates. I agree. Hopefully we can move forward and rise up rejuvenated. This video is from RebuildtheParty.com

Monday, February 2, 2009

My Communication With the Sun Current on Their Advocacy Ad

I feel the need to post my correspondence here to allow everyone who has participated in today's activities against a biased media to see the results. Below is my ongoing emails with Bob Cole, VP, Group Publisher Minnesota Sun Newspapers. I wish to say that I am glad that the Sun Newspapers will not be running their advocacy ad designed to urge the citizenry to call our elected officials and ask for their support of the stimulus bill.

I will be removing contact info for the salesperson that emailed the advertising opportunity to me. I agree with Mr Cole. She was just doing her job in the sales department. I will be personally calling her to offer an apology. None the less, we must continue our efforts against a biased media. In the future I will be happy to list Bob Cole's contact information for any future correspondence.

Here is how the day went, it started out with this email to Gene Carr, Chief Executive Officer
American Community Newspapers

gcarr@acnpapers.com or 952-392-6851

Dear Sir,

As a citizen and past candidate for office, I was taken aback by an email sent by one of your employees today. It caused me great concern and motivated me to write this post on my blog.


It sums up how I feel about the subject matter of the email. I hope you will empathize with my point of view and urge your employees to stick to reporting the news within our communities rather than promoting political agendas.

Thank you,

Bill Jungbauer

Then along came this,

Mr. Jungbauer:

As Group Publisher for Sun Newspapers, your message was shared with me so I might reach out to you about your concern. I also received a forward of your email to Sophia Johnson our account executive that contacted you about this advertising opportunity.

The last 2 words of the above paragraph are precisely what we need to focus on. An advertisement with a message about the economic stimulus bills running through Congress had been proposed. As a community newspaper, we believe that message is an advertisement not an editorial position for us. So we sought sponsorship to see if there were any interested individuals or businesses. If financial support is there, the ad will run as a statement by those sponsors. If not, the ad does not appear.

We have received polite negative responses, but your response was a bit harsh toward a sales associate who was merely doing her job. We have no idea which clients want or do not want to sponsor such an ad. Therefore we believe it important to contact all and let them decide. It is not our position to make that decision for them. Many people agree with your position, many do not. Our democratic process will hash out the outcome.

My personal opinion is that better government happens when we encourage people to become involved in the debate, no matter which side their opinion falls upon. Whether the proposed stimulus packages are right or wrong, I hope everyone has candid, fruitful discussions with our elected officials so the best solution can be found.

These are trying times for everyone. Spirited, respectful debate is imperative. I would ask that you remove the references you placed on your blog, particularly any reference to Sophia who may or may not agree with the content of the ad but was merely doing her job.

Thanks for your comments.

Robert H. Cole
VP, Group Publisher

Minnesota Sun Newspapers
10917 Valley View Road
Eden Prairie , Minnesota


American Community Newspapers

"In the community, with the community, for the community"

My response,

Mr Cole,

Your newspaper is clearly taking a position on this issue in my opinion. If the add was asking people to contact our elected officials to express their views on the stimulus package that would be acceptable to me. But this is not the case. The ad in question asks that we contact our senators and representatives in a totally different manner, "We need to let our elected officials know that time is of the essence. Contact our Senators and Representatives today and tell them we need to put Americans back to work now" states the add. I assume you have seen the ad in question. I have attached it for you to view in the case that you have not..

As a past candidate for office, I find media bias to be reprehensible however subtle it may be. I have been the subject of said bias by your own newspaper. That is one reason why I feel so passionately on this issue. As to removing any portion of my blog post I must say no. I included the email and my response in their entirety.

If this ad is to run, may I make a suggestion. Could you print this on the same, or opposite page?

Such an effort, to me as well as others, would show some semblance of balance in the reporting of this issue. As a matter of fact, Maybe the folks at the Cato Institute would pay for the opportunity to "advertise" opposite your "ad."

Thank You,

Bill Jungbauer

From Mr Cole,

Mr. Jungbauer:

A couple of things to take into consideration:

First, Sophia is an employee of the company who sells advertising. She is not in the news operation or involved in any editorial position. She was doing her duty as a account executive to make the advertising opportunity known to any and all folks who may be interested.

In that position, she does not deserve the type of voice mail she received this afternoon from a person in Little Canada following your instructions. His voice mail was intimidating at the very least, bordering on harrasment.

If you want to post my email and phone number that is your choice, but I must insist that you remove Sophia's from your website immediately.

Secondly, the ad will not be appearing as the support was not there for the message. If you feel it necessary to condemn Sun Newspapers for accepting advertising from views counter to yours, that is your right, but I insist that you limit the scope of your criticism to our company and not an individual just trying to earn a living.

Finally, your response says some semblance of balance in the reporting of this issue. Again, this was an advertisement NOT a matter of reporting. Two distinct and separate functions of any newspaper. I reiterate, Sophia is in sales not news. If our news department were running an article on this subject, that is a different matter entirely and your criticism would hold more credence. An advertisement from any particular business, cause or organization does not imply particular alignment with any issue by the newspaper. If we were to accept an ad from the organization you suggest, that doesn't mean we align with their postion either.

In closing, I must insist Sophia's name and contact information must be removed from your blog. If not, I will have no other recourse than to seek action to flag your blog.

Civil discourse is the only way a democracy can weigh relevant issues. I trust in your sense of fairness and balance you demand.

Bob Cole

Last and not the least, I hope, from me,

Mr Cole,

I am in total agreement with you as to the status of your employee. I will be removing her contact information from my blog. I wish to point out that I am doing this of my own free will, not because of your threat to flag me. I will make a point of forwarding my apologies to her for any any remarks that may have upset her. I am personal disgusted that any one I know would be overly offensive.

I agree with the fact that any ad purchased by a business or person does not, in your words, imply any particular alignment with any issue by the newspaper. But your argument does not hold water in this respect, in my opinion, because your newspaper designed the ad and then solicited it. That is a noticeable difference from a customer approaching you with an ad designed by themselves or instructing your graphics department to the content they desire. That can be considered one reason why today's events have evolved the way they did. Why the rally against media bias within our community began.

I am glad you recognize the need for civil discourse within our society. These last several years I have been blessed with meeting many like minded people who share such a view. I would like to point out one more thing, our country is not a democracy but a republic. No where in our Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, nor the constitutions of the fifty states, will you be able to find the word democracy.

Thank You,

Bill Jungbauer

I Will Never Spend Another Dime at Sun Current Newspapers

This morning I received an email from the Sun Current Newspapers. This email is soliciting customers to spend a hundred bucks on an add urging the citizens of our communities to contact our elected officials in Washington to urge them to pass the Messiah's (Obama's) stimulus package. Maybe the hard economic times are having a negative affect on them. None the less, I feel it is not the place for a local rag like the Sun Current to promote their social or political agenda.

Below is the email I received from the Sun Newspapers.


Sun Newspapers knows the importance of getting Americans back to work.
Congress is in the process of passing a landmark economic recovery package
and we believe it is important to have Minnesotans contact their
Congressional representatives and senators. Therefore we have put together
an advocacy ad encouraging our readers to contact the elected officials
today. The advocacy ad will run in all the Minnesota Sun Newspapers the
week of February 2 and 9th reaching more than 450,000 homes. The ad will
also appear on our website which draws more than 1.4 million page requests
monthly. Can we add your company name or your personal name to this
advocacy ad for $100?

See the attachment for the page example.

Call or email me with your commitment! Thank you so much!

"In the Community, With the Community, For the Community"

This is what I sent off to them voicing my concern for what I saw as media bias,

This is asinine and I will have no part of it. You should have a page for those who appose this! As a past candidate for office, the Sun has always claimed to play a non partisan role in our community. This shows you for what you really are. The last thing a newspaper should be involved in is an attempt at social engineering. Theodore Roosevelt believed one hundred years ago that the press abused the first amendment. I believe this could be what he was talking about. I suggest you take a look back at the great depression and you will see that our government did the same things that led up to it. And this is where we are headed today if we continue down this path. That goes for the Bush administrations bailout and the same goes for this one under Obama. I suggest you read the book "What Has Government Done to Our Money?" by Murray N Rothbard, an economist with the Misses Institute. You can read it here,

In the future I hope that you will stick to reporting the news rather than attempting to use your paper to further your political agenda.

Thank You,

Bill Jungbauer

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Football Stimulus Bill

Football Stimulus Bill
by Michael Ramirez