"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Entenza's running mate, Robyne Robinson, gives advice on receiving "oral pleasure"

It was recently discovered that Robyn Robinson once filled in as a sex advice columnist for the U of M student newspaper. Because of this, I'm sure there will be a big stink in Minnesota's political world. It has been discussed on KTLK with Ron Rosenbaum with the question being asked, How will voters react to this? Personally, I won't vote for her or her running mate simply because I am a wingnut, a ding bat, a right wing radical. I am a conservative. No need to mention that I am a staunch supporter of Tom Emmer and Annette Meeks.

My opinion leads me to believe there are plenty of good Christian voters of all political varieties throughout the state that, because of their Christian values, will have nothing to do with Entenza/Robinson because of this. Makes you wonder if the Entenza camp bothered at all to Google her and do a little background research.

Recently Robinson told MPR she wants her issues to be "Education, teen pregnancy, [and] schools." She obviously has experience with sex education and is sharing her knowledge. I wonder what grade level she has in mind for her future endeavors into education.

Here is Robyn's advice to a young female student,

I would be the first to admit that I am not too experienced when it comes to men. That being said, I did have a fling this winter with a guy who was a few years older than me and more experienced. We had fun together and fooled around a little bit. At one point, he decided to take his tongue downstairs, yet I felt nothing. And I mean NOTHING. Not when using his hands or his mouth. I'm assuming he knew what he was doing, and I can't help but feel it might have had something to do with the fact that I was slightly intoxicated. Is there such a thing as "whiskey dick" for women? Should I be worried that I couldn't be pleasured in that way? I'm a little worried for my sake, so any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

--Numb and Hating It


You met a guy who actually likes "giving oral pleasure" without being asked, and you let him get away?! There are many of your fellow co-eds shaking their heads in disbelief right now. Now, you do admit to a few things: inexperience and inebriation. Both could play significant roles in this failed fling, and I'm not talking about just you. Every woman's body is different. It could be as simple as dude was pushing the wrong buttons and poorly. Don't worry. Sometimes it takes a few sessions for women to experience what makes the bells and whistles go off. And when they do ... honey, you'll know. And probably everyone else in the dorm will, too.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Uneducated March for Betty McCollum

Betty had a small group of people in the parade but she was a no-show. I approached these liberal supporters and asked them all several times, "Can you recite any amendment to the U.S. Constitution?" The old gray beard holding Betty's banner finally responded to the question saying, "The sixth amendment says that none of the others apply." What a genius! He must have learned about the Constitution working with Betty. Based on how she conducts herself in office, it is evident that she and her supporters don't have a clue. Liberals like Betty should have to take a class on the Constitution before they are sworn in to office. Maybe even a refresher course annually. Imagine a teacher saying, "Betty, you get an F for your voting record. You have to take the class over this summer."

Thank God we have a great candidate running against her in the 4th District. Teresa Collett is a constitutional attorney who we can count on to respect the Constitution in every way. Why do I say this? Because Professor Collett actually knows the Constitution. Unlike Betty who just gives it lip service. Betty's claim to survival on Capitol Hill is to play puppet to Nancy Pelosi and vote the party line as she is told.

Bye Bye Betty!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

DFL Attack on Missed Votes Backfires

Since Endorsement, Kelliher Has Missed 51 Votes; Obama Missed 300 Votes During Pres. Campaign

Today Minnesota Democrats launched their most hypocritical partisan attack yet of 2010. The DFL Party, Rep. Tony Sertich, and Rep. Ryan Winkler launched a coordinated attack against Rep. Tom Emmer over missed votes.

But a quick review of Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Barack Obama’s missed votes reveals the hypocritical nature of the attack. Given that Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher sets the House schedule, you would think she wouldn’t miss any votes.

Where’s The DFL Outrage?
  • Barack Obama Missed 300 Votes Running For President: View The Missed Votes Here, Here, Here, Here.
  • Margaret Anderson Kelliher Has Missed 51 Votes Since She Was Endorsed By The DFL Party: A Complete List Is Below.

House Journal Page Action

10409 Repassage

10410 Passage

10411 Passage

10411 Passage

10413 Passage

10414 Amendment

10415 Passage

10422 Amendment

10430 Passage

11393 Repassage

11394 Repassage

11396 Repassage

11400 Repassage

11408 Repassage

11440 Amendment

11444 Amendment

11445 Amendment

11446 Amendment

11453 Passage

11455 Amendment

11456 Amendment

11457 Amendment

11458 Passage

11521 Amendment

11523 Amendment

11524 Passage

11525 Passage

11526 Passage

11526 Passage

11528 Passage

11529 Passage

11531 Passage

11532 Passage

11534 Passage

11535 Passage

11537 Passage

11538 Passage

11539 Amendment

11540 Amendment

11541 Passage

11542 Passage

11543 Passage

11550 Remove From Table

11567 Lay on Table

11568 Repassage

11570 Lay on Table

11571 Repassage

11573 Adjourn

11574 Repassage

11579 Passage

11987 Amendment

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Total Lack of Class by Margaret Anderson-Kelliher and Democrats at the Cinco De Mayo Parade

Walked in the Cinco de Mayo Parade on Saturday, May 8th with a great group of my fellow Republicans. While we had a great time and the people who came to attend were wonderful, there was a number of people who came to disrupt, annoy, and harass us. They did nothing productive during their lame attempt at protest and caused nothing but turmoil and disgust amongst us and those citizens who, with their children, only wanted to see a parade and enjoy the festivities.

The focus of their little protest was against Republican candidate for Governor, Tom Emmer and the recently passed Arizona immigration law. I estimate that about eight of them were on either side of us, screaming derogatory comments such as "racist" and "bigot" at us. One person actually started to walk among us, in with our group holding a sign saying "No racist Arizona laws in Minnesota." Rather than allowing us to peacefully participate in the parade and promote and support our candidates, this small group of liberal fascists chose to infringe upon our right to free speech and freedom of expression. So typical of leftist extremists, free speech for them and no one else, let alone any real evidence of any knowledge of immigration laws.

I had to approach a lady named Roxanne who was driving a golf cart and working for the event. After explaining that these people were disruptive and threatening to us, she called the police. After four officers on bikes showed up I was told there was nothing they could do about it. "Wait a minute," I said, "We paid to be in this parade, they did not." So then the police ordered them to vacate the parade route and get on the sidewalk. They were nice enough to escort us the during the remainder of the parade. For that I am thankful to the St Paul Police and the parade organizers that helped out.

Another event that was totally outrageous occurred when we passed the dfl booth. About fifteen people stood in front of the booth in the street and chanted loudly in our faces, "KKK go away." Among the crowd was none other than Margaret Anderson-Kelliher, the endorsed democratic candidate for governor. The fascist, tax and spend feminazi was the ring leader amongst her merry band of liberals. So, rather than everyone sharing in our right to free speech and expression, these leftists, led by MAK, chose to disrupt and disturb us and those around us. The wonderful people of the community who only wanted to enjoy their celebration stood in witness to MAK and the democrats leftist hatred, exposing to us all their true fascist tendencies.

The day ended on a positive note. Most of us headed to the Capitol for the Tax Cut Rally, where of course, we were among thousands of freindly, patriotic, freedom loving people.

See you at the polls in November Marge! LOL

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Charlie Chaplin Speaks

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Republican Party of Minnesota to Kelliher: What Now, Margaret?

St. Paul- Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton today issued the following statement regarding the Minnesota Supreme Court’s unallotment ruling.

“The Republican Party of Minnesota unequivocally opposes today’s 4-3 ruling by the Minnesota Supreme Court and believes it represents the worst in judicial activism. Now the onus for balancing the budget lies squarely with Margaret Anderson Kelliher and the big spending Democrat-controlled legislature. Kelliher and the DFL failed to produce a balanced budget last year and now that failure is coming back to haunt the taxpayers of Minnesota. Raising taxes on families and businesses is the last thing Minnesotans need right now. Since Kelliher failed to balance the budget in the first place, it’s time for her to explain in detail how she plans to pay for $2.7 billion in new spending when the state is broke.”

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Betty McCollum's majority of campaign contributions are from special interest PAC's

52% of campaign contributions to Betty McCollum consist of money from PAC's! This is a common trend for the democrats within Minnesota.

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PAC Money Comprises Only 5 Percent of Bachmann's Q1 2010 Fundraising