"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This is truly bipartisan!

Press Release, for immediate release.

Contact information:

Ramsey County DFL Chair, Rod Halvorson, halvorrod@yahoo.com , 66 9th St East, Unit 1312, St Paul, 651-235-6036

4th Congressional District Republican Chair, James Carson, jbcarson@comcast.net , 3425 McKnight Rd N, White Bear Lake, MN 55110, (651)773-0488

Bi-partisan Opposition to the Vikings Deal

Today, the Chair of the 4th Congressional District Republicans, James Carson, and the Chair of the Ramsey County DFL, Rod Halvorson, announced their joint bi-partisan opposition to the Viking stadium deal that was recently agreed to by the leadership of the Vikings and two Ramsey County Commissioners, Tony Bennett and Rafael Ortega.

“We urge our party activists and all citizens of Ramsey County to contact Governor Dayton, their State Senator and Representative, as well as their County Commissioner to urge them to vote against this horrible agreement,” said Carson and Halvorson. “It is simply wrong to force a $350 million sales tax onto the people and businesses of Ramsey County, especially without a vote of the people. Why are these politicians so afraid of their own voters?”

Halvorson said, “I find it offensive that at a time when the state is planning to cut billions from education, health care and human service programs for our children, elderly, disabled and poorest Minnesotans that we would even consider raising the regressive sales tax by a half-cent to fund a luxury stadium that will only be a serious benefit to their billionaire owners and millionaire players.”

Carson said, “I would always be skeptical of any proposal by the Ramsey County Commission to fund a stadium with a sales tax increase. However, it is simply outrageous to propose this at a time when the legislature is struggling valiantly to keep government spending within its means. An increase in the sales tax will not only burden already stressed household budgets in these difficult times; it would also harm retailers and their employees who may well lose their jobs and businesses. In particular, I am dismayed that Commissioner Bennett would so blithely ignore the principles of limited government under which he sought and received Republican endorsement years ago.”

Halvorson and Carson agreed that “we are also offended as citizens of Ramsey County that the Ramsey County Commissioners would disenfranchise their constituents.” As a member of the Ramsey County Charter Commission, Halvorson added, “The Ramsey County Charter firmly places our county at the forefront of voter involvement in our county’s public policy. Our county is the only charter county and it stands out with its voter approval of the charter that includes initiative, referendum and recall provisions. With such history of direct voter involvement, how could our Commissioners ever justify ignoring the voters will?”

Finally, we want to recognize and thank all the legislators in the Ramsey County delegation who have already said no in public statements and interviews and we urge the others to join the majority of their colleagues in opposition. We urge the Governor, legislators and our Ramsey County Commissioners to take note of this unprecedented bi-partisan opposition.