"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Uneducated March for Betty McCollum

Betty had a small group of people in the parade but she was a no-show. I approached these liberal supporters and asked them all several times, "Can you recite any amendment to the U.S. Constitution?" The old gray beard holding Betty's banner finally responded to the question saying, "The sixth amendment says that none of the others apply." What a genius! He must have learned about the Constitution working with Betty. Based on how she conducts herself in office, it is evident that she and her supporters don't have a clue. Liberals like Betty should have to take a class on the Constitution before they are sworn in to office. Maybe even a refresher course annually. Imagine a teacher saying, "Betty, you get an F for your voting record. You have to take the class over this summer."

Thank God we have a great candidate running against her in the 4th District. Teresa Collett is a constitutional attorney who we can count on to respect the Constitution in every way. Why do I say this? Because Professor Collett actually knows the Constitution. Unlike Betty who just gives it lip service. Betty's claim to survival on Capitol Hill is to play puppet to Nancy Pelosi and vote the party line as she is told.

Bye Bye Betty!


Joe Bodell said...

Curious: what was the date of this parade? Rep. McCollum was recently in DC hosting the family of a slain officer, and I'm pretty sure it was while this parade was going on.

You know. Doing her job. Like she's supposed to be.

Bill Jungbauer said...

I'm glad that she may have been meeting with the family of one of our fallen hero's.

Nonetheless, I must point out that her job does not include disservice to the Constitution which she swore to uphold.