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Matthew 25:33

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A letter From a Concerned Citizen

I just received this email from a citizen concerned about the illegal aliens within our borders and the crime that has come with them. I look forward to your comments on this issue. I am posting my reply as well. Many of our officials at the state and national level are ignoring this issue against the will of the majority of the American citizens. Many candidates for office this election year are afraid to publicly address this issue. They are avoiding the issue, afraid of losing votes. We must demand that the laws of this great country be upheld and that the candidates state their positions clearly on the issues.

Kudos to Bart Biernat, we are in dire need of more people like him. Remember this people, "The pen is mightier than the sword."

Written by Bart Biernat to:
Bill Jungbauer 49panhead@q.com
Tim Pawlenty tim.pawlenty@state.mn.us
Ron Erhardt rep.ron.erhardt@house.mn

Governor Pawlenty (and friends):

I read in the Monday, February 18, 2008, newspaper a story that a Minnesota “coalition” for immigration reform was holding a demonstration (of less than 300 people waving Mexican and American flags) against Governor Pawlenty’s executive order for law enforcement, corrections, motor vehicle licensing, and other agencies to cooperate with federal immigration officials. I wanted to let my Governor know he made the right decision. I sent you an email voicing my support (below).

The following day an illegal immigrant (Alianiss Nunez Morales, 23) driving a mini-van is in an accident with a school bus (Cottonwood, MN) that resulted in the deaths of four children. Six children remain hospitalized with serious injuries (the lucky ones). ICE has determined that Morales’ identity is an alias; the true identity of the woman has not yet been established. She is not cooperating, availing herself of all the protections of the American justice system. The State Police have reported that they cannot find a driver’s license record for Morales – but local news found a record that an “Alianiss Morales” was cited two years earlier for driving without a license.

Governor, I wish you had signed that executive order two years earlier. Perhaps, two years earlier, the Sheriff’s Deputy would have notified immigration authorities that he encountered a woman driving without a license (and speaking only Spanish) who appears to be in America illegally.

Accidents happen. Deaths are unavoidable.

But the deaths of children by an illegal alien - driving without a license – who violated the traffic law to stop (and yield) at an intersection for a school bus – who is employed under an alias by a company (Norcraft Cabinetry) licensed to do business in Minnesota should have been avoided by the existing laws of the state and nation.

I’m angry that this is happening here. I’ve had enough of half-measures to address this growing and often serious situation. If someone is in this country illegally – they should leave (or be escorted out) and go about entering the county legally. Our immigration laws permit suitable applicants to enter America and deny the entrance of alien criminals fleeing their justice system and persons who would likely engage in criminal acts or terrorism.

If an illegal alien is caught driving without a license – they should be fined and deported. If an illegal alien commits a crime they should face a justice system that treats illegal aliens as a special class of criminal who pays criminal and financial punitive penalties then is released only to deportation authorities. If an illegal alien is identified as a member of a terrorist organization he/she should not be permitted to use our justice system to thwart our efforts to prevent another 9/11 attack. If a Minnesota licensed business knowingly (or should have known) employs an illegal alien – that business should face a schedule of increasing fines and enforcement.

What do you think?

Bart Biernat

My reply to Bart,

Hello Bart,

I just read the story on this very issue in the Pioneer Press 15 minutes ago. I agree with your letter 100%. The first question to cross my mind was, "Why was she not investigated and deported two years ago?" It is evident that this woman was a threat to public safety back then.

Theodore Roosevelt's first address to congress 100 years ago called for immigration reform and called for a three-fold ban on immigrants of low morals, low intellect, and low wage requirements. It appears to me that history is repeating itself.

I agree in immigration reform, to make it easier for good, hard working people to share in the American dream. But I demand from my government that our laws be upheld and illegal aliens that are undermining middle class wages, and committing crimes be sent back home. The flow of illegal aliens from every country must be stopped.

I like your letter. Would you allow me to post it on my blog. With or with out your name? I would like to see what comments it might generate.

Thank You,

Bill Jungbauer
Deputy Chair, 39a Republicans



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