"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

District 39 Per Diem Report

Here is my updated report to the citizens of Senate District 39 on our legislators abuse of the per diem. I want to point out that there are plenty of outstate legislators that take less than these three do. And those outstate legislators get housing allowance! Just imagine if Rick and Joe stick with it long enough and become career politicians like Jimmy, they can make quite the haul. On our dime, of course.

Jim Metzen, DFL South St Paul. This man claims a 15 mile round trip to the capitol. Mileage information is available in the Senate Journal. The 2007 per diem is quite a bit higher than in previous years. Senator Metzen happens to be on the Rules Committee that gave themselves a 45% increase in per diem.
2000 7,224.00
2001 11,820.00
2002 9,306.00
2003 10,956.00
2004 8,580.00
2005 10,362.00
2006 8,382.00
2007 15,830.08
8-year grand total for James Metzen: $82,460.08 in per diem!

Representative Richard Hansen, DFL S. St. Paul. Rick mentioned that he thinks he deserves it. He works hard! Don't we all Rick.
2005 Per Diem - $7,854
2006 Per Diem - $5,412
2007 Per Diem- $10,434 Look! Almost double the previous year! This includes $154.00 for the special session. Something he once claimed he does not take!
Total Per Diem - $23,700

Representative Joe Atkins, DFL IGH. Last year Joe Atkins said, "I was just looking over the per diem list and I am always near the bottom of it." Not this time! On the 2007 list he is number 36 out of 134 State Representatives. Imagine that! That leaves 98 Representatives taking less than him. I want to point out that he is home every night unlike many of his peers at the capitol.
2003 Per Deim - $6,027
2004 Per Deim - $4,655
2005 Per Deim - $7,552
2006 Per Deim - $6,212
2007 Per Diem - $11,748 Pretty big jump up!
Total Per Diem - $36,194

You can find out about your Representative by calling Paul Schwiezer, House Controller at 651-296-4372.

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