"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ron Erhardt Has Some Competition!

I went to the Campaign Finance Board web site to see if any of the traitors have any competition for endorsement. Lo and behold, RINO Ron Erhardt does. The Challenger is Keith Downey. You can view his website here, http://www.keithdowney.com/. Looks like he will make a very good candidate.

Representative Erhardt was interviewed on K-TALK 100.3 this morning and sounded quite odd. As if he had already hit the bottle at Jimmy's office so early in the morning. He ended the conversation by hanging up on Chris Baker! Baker was very upset and he has the interview posted here,
It is a weird conversation and should be read by all residents of his district, HD 41A.

Here are a couple of statements by Rep. Erhardt,

On taxing clothing,
"There are other ideas to tax everything…broaden the sales tax base to include everything. So, all of this would be…reduce the rate considerably…and my was just to get something started."

On illegal aliens,
"Is that the kind that comes over and hovers with the black helicopters or is this really illegal aliens?"

The audio can be found here,


BlaiseVillaume said...

I heard you call in about this on the Jason Lewis show today. I thought this Downey fella had some RINO tendencies in regards to health care and the like. However, I think if the rank and file flexes its muscles with the Benedict six this guy could be persuaded to adopt a more solid conservative platform.

Tundra Politics said...

I disagree with blaisevilaume. Ron Erhardt is a lost cause. We should not "flex our muscles" to get him to vote how we want.

Instead, we should remove his presumptive endorsement and give it to someone who will represent us.

Erhardt only ran as a Republican to trick Edina into giving him support. The time has come for us to push him out of the party and get some real conservative leadership coming out of Republican Edina.

Bill Jungbauer said...

I am sure that if you read BlaiseVillaume's post again you will see that it is in reference to Kieth Downey. If the rank and file conservatives come down hard on the Benedict Six then Keith Downey, (who is seeking the endorsemnet for Erhardt's seat)will get the message and represent his base conservatives rather than some middle of the road poluted ideals.