"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Quick Take on the State Convention

I was just on the Pioneer Press website looking at comments about the state convention. There was one in particular that I had to respond to. Her comments are similar to others that I have been hearing from other party loyalists. I have been hearing disturbing tales of some immature pictures that were drawn on ballots that were cast. I wrote "abstain" on the alternate ballot and a member of my BPOU wrote "corrupt." He has been a member of the party for over twenty years and I quote him in my response below.

GOP GAL 50 years Well, I'm STILL here at the Chateau. All I can say are the RP folks were entirely rude, disrespectful and did NOT follow parliamentary procedure.
BTW, did you RP folks pay GOP dues this year? Help to support the convention you tried to take over.
Geez, either work to build up the Libertarian Party or join the GOP, come to regular meetings, volunteer to committees, work to get on the platform committee...etc... It takes time, but is the CORRECT manner to effect change.
I'm not a McCain fan at all (Huckabee gal here)...but old RP has as much chance as Hillary at this time.
P.S. The language I was subjected to by the RP folks was horrible too. Sorry, but I find the repeated use of the F-word on the front steps of the hotel disrespectful as well.
I'm sure not all RP folks are rude and foul-mouthed. I just happened upon a lot of them today.

There are many great Ron Paul people who are quite aware that good manners and diplomacy is key to making changes within the party. This is what I look forward to being a part of in the coming years. I must point out that I am upset with what I call a "radical faction" at the convention. These radical few make us look bad in the eyes of many and I hope that these few can mature in the future.

I am disgusted about all the lip service to Ronald Reagan and our conservative values that went on and then we are asked to compromise on these principles by supporting RINO candidates. One prominent Republican I know well said to me that the way that the convention was held reminded him of Eastern Europe before the fall of the Iron Curtain.

I am just about finished with a book titled "When Hell Was In Session" by Senator Jeremiah Denton. He was in the Hanoi Hilton for over seven years. In it he writes of North Vietnam's soldiers loyalty to "The Party." Many of the speeches that we heard this weekend did nothing but push for loyalty to "The Party" and how important unity is. I found the similarities to be disturbing to me.

I have only been involved in the Republican Party for two years but I have been very active at every level I can in that time. I am currently an endorsed candidate for the second time. I will be around in the future with many of the more mature Ron Paul people actively seeking change within the party to restore it to the values we hold dear to us as conservatives. The way in which the convention was held, it is my responsibility to continue to "Show Up" and be a part of the fight to a better party and a better country.


BlaiseVillaume said...

Good take on the convention. I admit that I lost my patience a few times and used foul language in front of decent people. The most off putting thing about the convention was the blind loyalty. There will always be a "Tory" wing of the party, but there was the small few in support of Ron Paul who also bordered on being myrmidons.

Sean Schniederjan said...

Its always nice to hear the thoughts from the other side. Despite the communist tactics used by the party leadership, the fact remains that we were a minority (although a significant one) seated at the convention, and we had no positions in party leadership. This must change.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you there Bill.. I can tell you that the actions of Ron Carey and the central committee did not sit well with some of the older party regulars.... Best of luck on your campaign and Ill see you around.

Sabrina said...

Bill, I couldn't agree with you more! Some of the kids, yes, kids at this convention made us RP supporters look horrible. I never understood why we got such a bad name until the convention. Now I get it. Hopefully they will realize that this isn't helping our cause at all and change. It was awesome meeting you at the convention, Bill! Have a wonderful night.

Bill Jungbauer said...

Thank you very much Sabrina, and to all the great people I met at the convention. I also want to thank everyone I met at the parties at the Kahler and around Rochester. You are all "Great Americans" to me.