"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What Other Bloggers Have to Say About the Minnesota State GOP Convention

Here is a list of blog posts that address the atmosphere at the MNGOP state convention that was recently held in Rochester Minnesota. There is a lot to read here but it will give you an idea of the climate within the party and the desperate need for a change in leadership. What could have been a great chance to unite, was destroyed by party leadership. I received an email today from a person within my BPOU who writes "I will never again be involved in the party. I will support single candidates that share my principles." She has been a hard worker for my campaign and I am very thankful that she believes in me. If only party leadership would have practiced what they preached, unity, many people like her would be more than willing to bust there rears to get good people elected during this campaign season.

"We the People" have been scammed! The GOP slate put together by the party leadership was fixed days in advance. This was obvious because of the need to print up mailings, literature and those huge banners. This blog address's this very issue.


Here is one that makes me curious. Someone told me at the convention that the address for the "Minnesota Conservative Delegate Team" belongs to a GOP officer of sorts. It was also mentioned that the state constitution bylaws forbid a party officer from endorsing a candidate. This may be just for public office rather than a party position. If anyone knows who this address belongs to, please let me know. I was told at the convention but I did not make note of it. Further investigation is waranted in this manner.



This one from Joe Repya is a must read! This man pulls no punches!


More from GI Joe Repya.





From the Wright County Republicans


Residual Forces has a good story about the division created at the convention. The party leadership had a great opportunity to bring people together. People willing to work hard to fight the liberals. Yet leadership shunned them and many are feeling very disenfranchised.




Thoughts on State Central.



Convention wrap-up from True North.



Joe Repya unloads on Ron Carey's Handling of Convention from Lloyd Letta Nooze Blog.


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