"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Saturday, March 1, 2008

URGENT: Minnesota’s Hunting Heritage is Under Attack!

This piece of garbage, HF2501, is authored by Jaros; Kahn; Erhardt; Huntley; Tschumper; Loeffler in the house. In the Senate it is Dibble; Pappas; Doll; Marty; Anderson who are listed as authors of SF2329.

Your Immediate Action is Needed!

Anti-hunting forces have launched an all-out assault on Minnesota’s rich hunting heritage.

On Monday, March 3, the House Game, Fish and Forestry Division Committee will hear House File 2501. The Senate companion bill, Senate File 2329 is also scheduled to be heard Monday in the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources. Plainly put, these bills would ban dove hunting in the State of Minnesota.

Make no mistake, “animal rights” radicals won’t stop with doves! In 1990, Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) admitted, "We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United States... We will take it species by species until all hunting is stopped..."

Please contact the members of BOTH committees TODAY and respectfully urge them to defeat this attack on hunting in Minnesota.

Contact information for both committees can be found below.

House Game, Fish and Forestry Division Committee:
Chair: State Representative David Dill (651) 296-2190 rep.david.dill@house.mn
Vice Chair: State Representative Kate Knuth (651) 296-0141 rep.kate.knuth@house.mn
Lead-GOP: State Representative Tony Cornish (651) 296-4240 rep.tony.cornish@house.mn
State Representative Karla Bigham (651) 296-4342 rep.karla.bigham@house.mn
State Representative Tom Hackbarth (651) 296-2439 rep.tom.hackbarth@house.mn
State Representative Rick Hansen (651) 296-6828 rep.rick.hansen@house.mn
State Representative Joe Hoppe (651) 296-5066 rep.joe.hoppe@house.mn
State Representative Denny McNamara (651) 296-3135 rep.denny.mcnamara@house.mn
State Representative Frank Moe (651) 296-5516 rep.frank.moe@house.mn
State Representative Terry Morrow (651) 296-8634 rep.terry.morrow@house.mn
State Representative Aaron Peterson (651) 296-4228 rep.aaron.peterson@house.mn
State Representative Dean Simpson (651) 296-4293 rep.dean.simpson@house.mn
State Representative Jean Wagenius (651) 296-4200 rep.jean.wagenius@house.mn

Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources:
Chair: State Senator Satveer S. Chaudhary (651) 296-4334sen.satveer.chaudhary@senate.mn
Vice Chair: State Senator Dan Skogen (651) 296-5655sen.dan.skogen@senate.mn
Ranking Minority Member: State Senator Pat Pariseau (651) 296-5252sen.pat.pariseau@senate.mn
State Senator Ellen R. Anderson (651) 296-5537
State Senator D. Scott Dibble (651) 296-4191sen.scott.dibble@senate.mn
State Senator Steve Dille (651) 296-4131sen.steve.dille@senate.mn
State Senator Dennis R. Frederickson (651) 296-8138sen.dennis.frederickson@senate.mn
State Senator Bill G. Ingebrigtsen (651) 297-8063sen.bill.ingebrigtsen@senate.mn
State Senator Gen Olson (651) 296-1282 sen.gen.olson@senate.mn
State Senator Tom Saxhaug (651) 296-4136sen.tom.saxhaug@senate.mn
State Senator Kathy Sheran (651) 296-6153sen.kathy.sheran@senate.mn
State Senator Katie Sieben (651) 297-8060 sen.katie.sieben@senate.mn
State Senator LeRoy A. Stumpf (651) 296-8660
State Senator Jim Vickerman (651) 296-5650

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