"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sun Current Censorship

Terry Pearson wrote this fine letter to the Sun Current newspaper and they refuse to print it. It seems to me that they bend over backwards for our little band of liberal incumbents. Maybe it's time for us to flood the Sun editors with a good pile of conservative letters.

Dear Editor,

I do not think that I have ever been as disappointed in our state government as I am today. Today, our representative, Joe Atkins, along with many others in the Minnesota House and Senate voted to impose one of the largest tax increases in Minnesota history.

While nobody likes to have their money taken from them, it especially hurts when you know that just one year ago the state of Minnesota had a multi billion dollar surplus. Instead of being frugal in the good years, our state representatives squandered that surplus on various pork projects throughout the state in order to give favors to supporters.

Due to the tremendous growth in spending last year, along with a stuttering economy, we find ourselves in a major deficit. This is a problem that could have been avoided if our leadership had planned for the long run. Even the week before the vote on the tax increase, Democrats were not trying to find ways responsibly cut spending. Instead, they were giving away money to every earmark project they could think of. I suppose this was to ensure the need for a tax increase.

Today, we are faced with higher fuel prices, increased unemployment, and a weak dollar. With our economy running on fumes, the DFL proposed the worst solution to the problem. They thought that the best course of action would be to take more money from the working middle class families of Minnesota.

The tax increases that were passed by the Senate and House include a gas tax, a sales tax, and a vehicle registration fee increase. It’s funny, because I thought that the DFL said that they were going to go after the rich. Instead, they proposed increasing taxes where it would hurt the middle class the most. Contractors, couriers, even commuters will be hurt by these increases.

I know that Representative Atkins followed the lead of his party when he voted for the tax increases, but it would have been nice if he chose to do what is best for his community instead. I think that it is time that we push for a change in leadership in the Minnesota House and Senate. It is time that we elect people who put our community, and its families, before the DFL party platform.

- Terry Pearson
Inver Grove Heights, MN

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Terry Pearson said...


Thanks for publishing my letter on your blog. I know that you are a great conservative who will hopefully win in November. District 39 needs your leadership!

I have talked to some people in my former district (MN-21) and asked them to propose motions against Dennis Fredrickson. He was one of the senators who worked with the democrats to put the tax increases in place.

Unfortunately, many of the people I talked to feel that the senate is a lost cause. This is absolute nonsense. We can and should win the senate. We just need some good conservative leadership to get us there.

It's people like Bill Jungbauer that will transform Minnesota! Keep up the good work.