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Matthew 25:33

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is Planned Parenthood a Wise Investment?

This is a "Take Action Alert" from the Family Research Council.

Please sign this petition to President Bush, which FRC will deliver, asking him to approve new Title X regulations that ensure no federal money goes to groups like Planned Parenthood. Ask him to see that legitimate clinics are not forced to refer for abortions.

Is Planned Parenthood a Wise Investment?
March 28, 2008

Would you invest in a company whose affiliates are complicit in sexual crimes against children?

Would you take your hard-earned money and pile it into a company whose fundraisers "get excited" when someone wishes to target African-American babies for extinction?

How secure would you feel if you found out this company was being charged by one of its own former executives with illegal accounting, billing and donation practices and with bilking the government?

Or that this company was taking your money and putting $10 million towards Congressional candidates who support eliminating abstinence funding, distributing needles to drug addicts, suggesting pornography for children to view and keeping parents uninformed in important medical decisions involving their own children?

Well guess what? That company is Planned Parenthood and each year you give them $300 million of your tax dollars, mainly through the federal Medicaid and Title X programs.

A majority of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion - however, still Planned Parenthood receives more than $300 million in taxpayer funding each year for "family planning" projects that help bolster their abortion trade. Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kans.) put it best when he said, "While we continue to have a rigorous debate in this country about abortion, we should be able to come to some fundamental agreements. We should not use tax dollars to subsidize abortion clinics - particularly when there are serious concerns regarding their compliance with state law and medical standards."

Is Planned Parenthood a Wise Investment?

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