"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Congratulations, Tony, Michael, and Dave

Congratulations to the three new leaders of the Minnesota GOP. Tony Sutton is our new Chairman, Michael Brodkorb is Deputy Chair and Dave Sturrock is Secretary/Treasurer.

As I listened to the speeches today, and talked to people at the convention, it occurred to me that the Big Choice given to the Minnesota GOP was between Experience and Ideology.

The differences were subtle, but clear.  All of the candidates were excellent.  It is wonderful to be at an event that is alive with enthusiasm, ideas, and showing no major signs of division.  It is obvious that the GOP in Minnesota is united on broad principles, and is eager to get to work and undo the damage being done by the statists and leftists who are running up massive debts and ignoring our constitution.

The Experience ticket promised continuity and tradition, but less ideological fervor.   The Ideology ticket was persuasive based on the need for an effective message supporting the GOPs efforts, but was more about changing the party.

I believe we need both.  Continuity and experience are essential, but so is an effective public face and message.  Change must also be part of the mix.  Only perfect things need no change, and we are far from perfect.  There is always discomfort in change, but it is the price of progress.

The Minnesota GOP now knows more about the strengths of all the candidates who ran for state party office.  Now is the time for those candidates who did not win to offer those  strengths to complement the strengths of those who did.  Together, we will make an unbeatable team.

Congratulations Tony, Michael and Dave.  Now, the work begins.

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