"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

AFSCME Executive Director Eliote Seide Whines about Pawlenty

Union chief Eliot Siede is unhappy with our esteemed Governor's unallotment proceedings claiming that Pawlenty did not negotiate with the leadership of AFSCME like other governors have. Too bad, so sad. My heart bleeds for thee.

In a story today on Politics in Minnesota, Seide claims that AFSCME was "not consulted" about these cuts. Seide says prior governors, including independent Jesse Ventura's people, the GOP's Arne Carlson, and the DFL's Rudy Perpich sat down with AFSCME to find savings and maintain services; Pawlenty simply didn't. He compares the situation to Wisconsin's, saying Democratic Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle actually "meets with people" who deliver public services, and the state has raised revenues in lieu of cuts to services; thus, it's no surprise that only a few states have proposed tax cuts; instead dozens of governors have proposed collecting more revenue.

Seide claims, "the union is all about protecting public services now on the chopping block." I say that he is all about protecting union members and the dues they pay. Maybe Eliot will have to take a pay cut or lay off a few people at the union hall. Heaven forbid that they would have to share in the economic down turn that we are all experiencing. Nope. Eliot and AFSCME want to be insulated from it on the backs of the taxpayers. Not this time around Eliot!

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