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Matthew 25:33

Monday, January 14, 2008

West Saint Paul and the Inflow Ordinance

The city of W. St. Paul has backed off of their proposal to fine the citizens that refuse to allow them entry into thier home fifty bucks a month surcharge on their water bill. Last week the ACLU had declared such tactics coercive and in violation of the constitutions fourth amendment against unreasonable search and seizure.

Now the city plans on using a search warrant to enter our homes against our will. I find that to be offensive and very coercive. I personally doubt that any reasonable judge is going to issue a search warrant on mere speculation. Does the city attorney plan on going before a judge to say, "he wont let us in, so we think he might have a sump pump?"

The city is also saying that they will reimburse citizens for up to half the cost of repairs. But there is a maximum of $500 that they will pay. If your sewer line needs to be replaced, that could cost thousands of dollars. A citizen would have the option of having the amount of repairs assessed to thier property taxe bill over a period of time, with interest, of course.

How is this for a proposal,
A citizen of W. St. Paul, upon putting his home up for sale, will have his sewer and sump pump inspected, and brought up to code, if nessesary, before sale can occur. Purchaser of the home may assume responsibility for repairs, which must be completed within twelve months of closing on said residence.

Here is the link to todays article in the Pioneer Press,


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