"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

PETA Killed 97 Percent of “Companion Animals” in 2006

Center for Consumer Freedom

An official report from People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), shows that the animal rights group put to death more than 97 percent of the dogs, cats, and other pets it took in for adoption in 2006.

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Tracy said...

This is a press release put out by the Center for Consumer Freedom. Here is information about the CCF:

Guest Choice Network, the predecessor organization to CCF, was formed in such a way so as not to appear "owned" by Philip Morris, to address the lack of interest restaurant owners had in Philip Morris's "Accommodation Program," and to have a broader appeal to industry than just tobacco. GCN was designed to "create an aggressive mentality by [restaurant] operators [to oppose} government smoking bans," according to a letter by Rick Berman to Philip Morris [2073148834]

In a 1995 letter to Philip Morris (PM), Rick Berman (of the public affairs company Berman & Company) proposed that PM form an aggressive front group called the "Guest Choice" network to motivate restaurant owners to aggressively fight smoking restrictions while appearing to be acting on their own. Berman said to PM, "...if you want to gain more ground quickly for the smokers' rights issue, the [Guest Choice] program must create a proactive, aggressive mentality by [restaurant] operators regarding government smoking bans..." Berman described how hiding Philip Morris' involvement would allow the group take more aggressive action:

"Additional benefit -- if externally perceived as driven by restaurant interests, there will be more flexibility and creativity allowed than if it is 'owned' by Philip Morris. The American Beverage Institute, which opposes overly aggressive DWI laws, enjoys this profile."[1]

PM took Mr. Berman's suggestion and formed the "Guest Choice Network," changing its name in recent years to the "Center for Consumer Freedom," which in addition to fighting smoking bans also fights the organic food movement and lobbies against lowering the legal blood alcohol limit for drunk driving.

For more information: http://sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Center_for_Consumer_Freedom

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Bill Jungbauer said...

I do not know why Tracy posted this comment, it seems irrelevant to me, but I thought I would let it go. Tracy included several links at the bottom of his/her comment. Obviously he/she is concerned with animal rights.

Tomorrow I leave for South Dakota to follow the footsteps of my heroes, Teddy Roosevelt and Ted Nugent. I too am a member of PETA. To me that stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. The big difference between myself, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is that I do not kill what I do not plan on eating, and I eat what I kill. Theodore Roosevelt wrote in his book, African Game Trails, “The anti-hunter, however noble in his cause, is wrong. The hunter will always be essential to game management.” I will be burning the calories out in the frozen white prairie. Getting back in touch with my maker and the spirit of the wild.