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Matthew 25:33

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Republican Party of Minnesota Applauds Fines Against Kelliher, DFL Party

St. Paul- Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Tony Sutton and Deputy Chairman Michael Brodkorb today issued the following statement after the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board fined DFL gubernatorial candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher $9,000 and the DFL Party $15,000. The Board’s ruling was in response to a Republican Party of Minnesota complaint filed in December.

“Today’s ruling vindicates our belief that Margaret Anderson Kelliher deliberately circumvented Minnesota’s campaign finance laws to benefit her campaign for governor. Along with R.T. Rybak, Kelliher is now the second DFL gubernatorial candidate to have been involved in a scheme to get around Minnesota's campaign finance laws. Kelliher and other Democrats are wrong to think they don't have to play by the rules. These sort of schemes demonstrate Kelliher does not have the judgment to lead our great state.”

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Terry Pearson said...

What disturbs me the most about this whole incident is that this was such a blatant and intentional violation.

It would be completely different if she just ran into trouble trying to navigate the maze of campaign finance laws in Minnesota, but this was clearly not the case.

I would encourage people to read the full report at http://www.cfboard.state.mn.us/bdinfo/investigation/01_12_2010_Kelliher_DFL.pdf