"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Friday, January 29, 2010

Brod backs Emmer

Here is Laura's statement which will be posted on her Facebook later today.


These are difficult and challenging times for our state and our nation.

Now, more than ever, we need strong, determined leadership that will focus on the issues that matter most to our citizens.

Today, our friends, our neighbors and our families are concerned about their jobs, about their mortgage and about the future of their children.

There are no simple solutions. No trite slogans will solve our problems.

But, fearless leadership is demanded in these most anxious of times.

From the moment Governor Tim Pawlenty said he would not seek re-election, Minnesota Republicans began an important conversation about who could best carry the banner of conservative fiscal ideals and common sense government throughout the state.

Many of you were so kind to offer encouragement to me to consider a statewide campaign for Governor. I thank you for your support. As honored as I have been about that encouragement and that possibility, I have decided this is not the year for me to run for statewide office.

Before us stand many good candidates for Governor in our party.

Each and every one of them I consider to be a friend, and each and every one of them I believe carries with them the promise of a better tomorrow for our state.

I have been honored to serve with Marty Seifert when he represented our GOP Caucus in the House and also with David Hann and Bill Haas. I believe them all to be sincere and dedicated public servants.

I have been honored to serve with Tom Emmer, as well.

And, I believe Tom best represents our hopes for continued conservative Republican leadership for our state's future as Governor of Minnesota.

Tom Emmer has the heart of a warrior, but he has the soul of a common-sense Minnesotan who stands for the best of who we are as a state.

Tom Emmer represents the fearless leadership that is demanded in these most anxious of times.

He knows that lower taxes and responsible spending is a catalyst for strong economic growth and job creation.

For Tom Emmer, government is not the enemy of the people - nor is it the solution for every problem we face.

Minnesotans need jobs. Our neighbors need hope. Our communities need the promise of a better tomorrow.

Minnesota needs a leader who can inspire, not just with words and passion, but with action and accomplishment. Tom Emmer is that kind of leader.

We need a leader who can stand with those who wish to move our state forward.

A leader who will stand up against those who want to move it backwards.

A leader who knows that every Democrat, every Republican and every Independent who wants to make Minnesota a better place to live, work and raise a family must have a voice in our state's future.

I believe our future needs Tom Emmer.

There may be many issues we cannot ever find complete agreement upon.

Yet, there is far more that brings us together than drives us apart.

I intend to campaign with all my heart for the endorsed candidate of our party.

And, my hope is that Tom Emmer is that candidate.

With Tom at the top of our ticket, we will see a strong, determined voice who will not be afraid to put forward his commitment to fiscal responsibility at every level of government and in all parts of the state.

With Tom at the top of our ticket, we will see an individual who understands that lower taxes, responsible spending, and partnerships with the public and private sector are crucial to restoring our economic vitality.

With Tom at the top of our ticket, we will see someone who can and will reach out to both the businesses owners on Main Street as well as the Houses of Labor and let the men and women who fuel our economy and build our future, know that Republicans are the party of economic growth, of prosperity and of jobs.

With Tom at the top of our ticket, small business and big business will know they are not the enemy - but they are key partners in finding solutions to the economic challenges facing our state.

Business. Labor. The public sector. The private sector. Minnesotan citizens.

Tom Emmer will have a seat at the table for every one of them as we seek to ensure our state gets back on track toward prosperity. We are all in this together.

This election and the implications of it for the next four years comes down to this basic question: Which candidate, and which party, is best equipped to restore the economic engine of our state and get job creation going again for the people of Minnesota?

When it comes to the candidate, I am confident the answer is Tom Emmer. And when it comes to the party, the answer is the Republican Party, with Tom Emmer at the top of its ticket.

I ask you to join me in supporting Tom Emmer for our next Minnesota Governor and in working hard to come together to ensure our endorsed Republican candidates win in November.

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