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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mary Jo Kopechne, it was forty years ago

Mary jo kopechne

Got this from Atlas Shrugs Kudos to that great site!

Mary Jo Kopechne died 40 years ago today

Just past midnight on Saturday, July 19, 1969, Senator Ted Kennedy drove his black Oldsmobile sedan off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island near Martha's Vineyard, just off Cape Cod. The Senator escaped a watery death, but a passenger in his car, twenty-eight-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne, did not.

The Democrat icon murderer, Ted 'Splash' Kennedy best represents the decadent and immoral standard of the utterly debased and corrupt Democrat party. He is their lion, their standard bearer (more like pall bearer).

"Senator Kennedy killed that girl the same as if he put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger." - George Killen ~ State Police Detective-Lieutenant who investigated the accident

Statements taken from witnesses:
  • ( 3 ) - Rum and Cokes aboard the Bettawin - (witness: Stan Moore )
  • ( 2 ) - Heineken Beers at the Shiretown Inn - ( witness: Joseph Gargan )
  • ( 1 ) - Rum and Coke in hot tub at Lawrence Cottage - ( witness: Jack Crimmins )
  • ( 2 )* - Rum and Cokes at the Party -( witness: Ted Kennedy )
*Because this number is based on Kennedy's inquest testimony, it should be viewed with some skepticism. The actual number of drinks was more.

The Manchester Union Leader reported that Senator Kennedy had charged 17 long distance telephone calls to his credit card during the hours he claimed to be "in shock" after the accident.

Farrar made his beliefs perfectly clear

Farrar repeatedly expressed the opinion that Mary Jo Kopechne had lived for some time underwater by breathing a bubble of trapped air, and that she could have been saved if rescue personnel had been promptly called to the scene. He had equipment to administer air to a trapped person directly or to augment an air pocket inside a submerged automobile.

"There was a great possibility that we could have saved Mary Jo's life," Farrar said. "There would have been an airlock in the car - there always is in such submersions - that would have kept her alive. If we had been called, I would have reached the scene in 45 minutes. I say 45 minutes because it was dark. ( The daylight recovery had taken 30 minutes ). The lack of light might have caused a delay of 15 minutes."

Kennedy killed that girl.

Kennedy gave multiple accounts of that night. (hat tip francois)

Oh and btw, fatboy is still alive.

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