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Matthew 25:33

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Liberals, high taxes destroying the Black family

Here's an article by a CD 4 Republican recently published in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder by Lucky Rosenbloom. I wish to point out that Lucky is a black Republican activist.

Liberals, high taxes destroying the Black family

Because of high taxes and government regulations, Black mothers cannot find affordable housing in urban neighborhoods. Let me tell you how the formula works.

It’s simple: Property taxes are going up, and this, matched with landlord regulations, equals high rental rates because the owners have to cover property taxes and the costs of regulations such as added repairs and/or stratifying housing codes.

All over the country, even here in our city, we see Blacks being forced out of their homes because of high property taxes, taxes on items needed for basic survival, and taxes on items needed just to live out your daily lives — not to mention death taxes.

Blacks just chill as Democrats talk about raising taxes. Minnesota is one of the highest taxed states; however, Blacks do nothing to block liberal Democrats from raising taxes, or taking money out of your check to cover deadbeat programs that do not work.

Look at your paycheck. Add up the amount of taxes taken out of your paycheck, each paycheck, monthly. Ask yourself a question: What else could I have done with that $600 or more dollars? You could have made a home payment, a car payment, or covered some pressing bill that threatens your livelihood.

Blacks need to say to the liberal Democrats, “Enough is enough.” Tell them their liberal spending and high taxes are destroying the Black family. Tell Democrats how much money is taken out of your paycheck and what you could have done with that income.

Ask them, “Why are you going to raise taxes even more? Why are you going to take even more out of my check, adding to the struggle of my family?”

It’s wrong for anyone to blame Republicans for the amount of money that is taken out of your paycheck. If it was left up to Republicans, you would have 60 percent of your taxed income returned. Think about that fact.

How much is taken out of your check to have 60 percent that would not be taken? What could you do with that money? Save for retirement? Buy that new car? Put money in the bank for the education of your children?

Historically, Democrats have always subjected Blacks to unfair tax practices. After the Civil War, tax laws were passed that made it impossible for the Black family to survive, not to mention the Black individual.

Tax laws were passed that pushed Blacks to pay poll taxes and occupation taxes. These taxes kept the Black man and the Black family in chains and were very hurtful, very evil, because they kept the freed slave family from gaining on the White Southern Democrat both economically and educationally.

Today, for Blacks to compete in society we must again be economically and educationally competitive.

High taxes are a tool used today to keep the Black man and woman in check. After slavery, if Blacks did not pay poll and occupation taxes, by operation of law they would be arrested and forced into labor.

Blacks must join hands and create another Negro spiritual. The lyrics could be something like:

“Democrats, listen to me as you take a legislative break, please do not raise taxes only to have u
s hurt by the money you will take.

“Oh, Democrat, taking food off my table is a joy that you feel, every time we have to cut back on our Black family meal.

“I am a loyal Democrat you must agree, but do not raise my taxes, or to the Republicans you will lose me.

“Now, you can have me join the Republican Band, or stop taking my money out of my paycheck, leaving more in my hand.”

Reality check: local liberal mayors and city council members are talking about raising taxes in order to have more police and firefighters on the street, which would include other City employment. With your hard-earned tax dollars, how many of these people hired will be people of color?

Liberals will take more of your money to create jobs for their relatives and Whites. In tough times, Blacks will pay more to support White liberal families, while the Black family suffers during this poor economy. I’ll bet some of you are agreeing with me now.

WARNING: Be on the lookout for terms and/or words such as “fee,” or “public options,” all sneaky words for raising taxes.

Gotta go and pay my October property taxes now.

Lucky Rosenbloom welcomes reader responses to 612-661-0923, or email him at mnbrc@hotmail.com.

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