"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party Was Incredible!

Check out the great video on powerlineblog. I am speaking from 2:10 until 3:27

This is from Kare11

Here is the speech I gave at the Tea Party,

233 years ago, our nation declared its independence from Great Britain. We were subjects of an all powerful king. The King would declare war and raise taxes. The King chose what businesses would succeed and which would fail. He taxed us without our consent.

The colonists wanted the freedom to make an honest living, and to prosper. They resented the Kings power. They wanted to be left alone, and to be free to live their lives.

After the Revolutionary war, our founders gave us the Constitution, designed to protect us from tyranny. The Constitution limits the role of our government and divides our government into three branches, each serving to limit the power of the others. The first 10 amendments further limit our government by declaring areas of our lives that are off limits to the law.

The founders warned us that there would always be those who will want to take our freedom. They will offer us an easy life off the backs of other taxpayers. This is always a sham. We cannot make progress by stealing from one neighbor only to give to another. We cannot defend our own freedom by taking it from others. Our freedom is one of the most precious things we have. Without it, we are no longer free citizens, but slaves on the government plantation.

Today, our freedom is under attack. Those now in power are spending the earnings of our children and grandchildren, while expecting our gratitude.

We are told that there is a crisis, and that to solve the crisis, we must do extraordinary - even normally unwise - things.

I look around me today, and I don't see a crisis. I see free, productive citizens. We neither want nor need the hand of the government to prop us up or ensure our success. We understand that what we need is to be left alone to pursue our dreams. We understand that if we own our success, we own our failures, too.

Our money is more than a bit of green paper, but a symbol of the sweat, capitol, intelligence and inspiration that went into building what it buys.

There is no doubt that TARP, the "stimulus", bloated state and federal budgets will cost a lot of money, and also no doubt that they will enhance state power. Do we really want to trade our freedom and our children's futures for the dubious benefit of these programs?

The US Treasury is running a Ponzi scheme that would put Mr. Madoff to shame. He only stole billions of dollars by paying off early investors with later investor's money.

Our government is running a trillion dollar ponzi scheme where politicians are attempting to buy our votes with our children's money, while robbing us of our independence and freedom.

It is time to demand responsible behavior from our elected representatives and from each other. We cannot be the first generation to sell our children into financial bondage because we are not willing to rise to the challenges of our age.

Several years ago I saw a bumper sticker that said, “The world is run by those who show up.” I have been politically active ever since. Today I am sure there are many here that have shown up for the first time and I commend you. We need you to continue to show up and speak out. Our state, our country, and our children need us all to keep showing up.

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Terry Pearson said...


That speech was amazing.

"Our government is running a trillion dollar ponzi scheme where politicians are attempting to buy our votes with our children's money, while robbing us of our independence and freedom."

Instead of saying "Remember the Alamo", or new rallying cry is "Remember the spending!"