"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reduce Senators Per Diem to the Same as That of Representatives

On January 12th 2009, during the adoption of temporary joint rules, Marty Seifert motioned to amend the rules so that senators would receive the same amount in per diem as that of representatives. This would save taxpayers about $150,000.00 between now and the end of session in May.

Sertich (DFL) motioned that this be refered to the rules committee. I must point out here that during my campaign my opponent Rick Hansen would always deny any responsibility for the amount of per diem he took. It is a common practice to blame the "Rules Committee" and pass the buck.

Representative Kohls accused the majority democrats of referring motions back to committees to pass the buck, avoid responsibility, and avoid any discussion on uncomfortable issues. This kind of activity allows the democrat majority to avoid a floor vote so they can claim to be off the hook to their constituency. The canned response you will commonly hear is, "The Rules Committee did it, I had no roll in it."

A predictable start to the 2009 session began in a typically partisan fashion. Roll call was taken on the Sertich (DFL) motion to refer to the Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration as it is officially known. The vote, 66 yeas and 60 nays. Good old boys Rick Hansen and Joe Atkins voting in the affirmative like the liberal party hacks they are.

This activity continued. The same thing happened to an Anderson, S. amendment that would require the House and Senate postage budget to be reduced 15%. Sent to the Rules Committee.

And so it went for several other motions designed to reduce the size of government or reduce the burden on the taxpayer. The passing of a Sertich (DFL) motion to refer to the Committee on Rules and Legislative Administration. No accountability. No guts. No brains.

Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley once said "The voters have spoken, now they must be punished." I for one have had enough punishment. The economy is crap. I am unemployed. Taxes keep going up. Our elected officials take no responsibility for their actions or they pass the buck. If I didn't love Minnesota so much I would probably move to South Dakota.

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