"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Saturday, January 10, 2009

GOP Future - A Call for Leadership‏

This was sent to me by my friend Don Lee of Eagan.

An open letter to the GOP and its leadership:

Who will stand against the stampede being orchestrated by our president elect? A GOP response is called for, and should be delivered quickly. Barack Obama and the "Party of Free Stuff" want us to throw fiscal caution to the wind, and give him enough power to solve all our problems.

Our response should be emphatic: we are a strong people, capable of solving our own problems. We should state clearly that Mr. Obama's New Deal is a bad one.

Mr. Obama says that the "era of profound irresponsibility" must end, but his policies will take irresponsibility to new heights unless the Republicans stand up to him.

Mr. Obama says that our economy rests on trust. But his plans will destroy the trust that the whole world places in our financial system and our legal system. To spend money we don't have is little more than counterfeiting. Borrowing money that we cannot or will not repay is little more than theft. Money is not a bit of paper. It is a promise and a commitment. It represents the promise of one of us to redeem it for something of value. Twisting the law to enable people to break their commitments encourages irresponsible behavior and breaks trust.

Barack Obama paints a pretty picture of a world where all problems are solved, where every American's needs are met, and the planet is saved by carefully targeted government expenditures. This is wonderful campaign rhetoric, but in the real world, things have costs. The costs will not be born by the president and the 535 members of congress, but by the sweat and sacrifice of taxpayers and their children.

The emperor has no clothes, but most Americans have not yet noticed. It is up to the GOP to remind them that for every responsibility we surrender to Washington, we lose a little bit of our freedom.

Barack Obama tells Americans that they cannot solve their own problems. He thinks we need him to take control, change the rules, and run more of our lives. This is an insult to our long history of independence and personal responsibility. We need the Republican leadership to remind us who we really are.


Don Lee
Eagan, MN

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