"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

People I Have Met

By Bill Jungbauer

I am a carpenter and my duties basically are to install counter tops. This means that every day I have the pleasure of going to a different location and meeting different people. Here I will tell you about a couple of interesting ones that I have had the good luck to meet. I will not tell their names, because they are my customers, but I assure you they are for real.

The first person I choose to mention is a man that lives in Roseville and works at the Biosciences Building at the U of M. We had a nice discussion on stem cell research. He said that within the next ten years, the stem cell debate would be over. He claims that ten years from now, if you become ill, doctors will be able to extract your own stem cells to use in curing you.

I met a man today who is a Nurse Anesthetist. I hope I spelled that right. He works at HCMC. He said that he couldn’t remember the last time that they delivered a baby to parents that spoke English. He also told me of a Mexican man that flew to the Twin Cities with his medical records and CT scans and was instructed to take a cab to HCMC where he could get free medical care for an aortal obstruction. Here he received free health care courtesy of the taxpayers of Minnesota.

I know a wonderful lady and she works at Ramsey County Human Services. She tells me that the people on welfare get their choice of five different health plans. Her and the people she works with get their choice of one plan. I recently learned that three to four thousand people come to Minnesota every year and within thirty days are enrolled on welfare.

Next is the genius of the bunch. This man is a doctor that lives in Mendota. I asked him if he knew who his elected officials were. He said that Hansen was his Representative and Atkins was his Senator. Wrong. I told him that Metzen has been his senator for twenty years. I immediately knew how off the wall this man was when he changed into a Hillary Clinton 2008 tee shirt. This mans wife works with women’s groups. I think he is whipped.

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Weekly Rant said...

How come I have to pay for other people's health insurance? I have health insurance but I still need to pay out of pocket (i.e co-pays and doctor charges not covered by my insurer). So, I have to pay for the less fortunate's healthcare, my healthcare insurance, and the rest of my healthcare visit so a doctor can wear a Hilary 2008 tee shirt? My Representative is Thao and Senator is Pappas. I'm screwed for this year, but I did write them about the crazy gas, income, and property taxes they want to pass. How can they support the people (the middle class...the majority)and want to minimize their back pockets. Were T Paw was able to come in and move a deficit to a surplus without increasing taxes. I agree he did run things a little lean but you have to make a profit just like any other business. The government is Minnesotans (yours and mine) business our taxes are our investments into our communities. We should hold the governemnt leaders responsible for their spending. We most live with in our means. Would you keep giving your hard earn money to a stockbroker if they spent it irresponsibly. Hell No. Money's hard to come by why flush it down the toilet?