"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lori Swanson gets Desperate!!

Lori Swanson is worried about Chris Barden. One of the nicest men I have ever met! Below is one of her recent emails begging for money. It just drips of desperation. LOL! Poor Lori.

Contribute to Chris Barden here,




Dear Fellow Minnesotan:

I need your help because I am under attack from a Tea Party opponent with a history of vicious name-calling. I ask that you make an online contribution now so that I can continue to stand up for ordinary citizens as the People’s Lawyer.

I am proud that our campaign has received endorsements from newspapers around the state—from Albert Lea to Duluth, from St. Paul to Minneapolis (and even Fargo, North Dakota)!

The Albert Lea newspaper said of our work in the Attorney General’s Office:

She is working for the ordinary citizens of this state. She pursues cases to protect consumers and senior citizens, rather than making her office a political distraction. Swanson takes on cases that affect people’s everyday lives, opposing large power-rate hikes, fighting debt-negotiation companies that make promises and fail to deliver, and taking on living-trust mills that seek to fool elderly citizens.”

The Duluth News Tribune said that: Minnesota’s little guys…have a fighter in their corner in Swanson.”

Unfortunately, my opponent has announced that he will not abide by campaign finance limits—which means that I must raise even more money. His attacks are talking points coming out of the Tea Party spout--that I should sue the President to stop health care reform, that I rigged the Franken/Coleman Senate election, that I am responsible for illegal immigration, etc. He attacks me for being“anti-business” because I enforce the law and stand up for average consumers.

My opponent wants to dismantle the good work we are doing in the Attorney General’s Office and wants to turn the office into a political tool to advance his Tea Party agenda. I need to raise money to respond to his attacks so this does not happen. To do that, I must turn to you for help. I ask that you please help me out by making an online contribution today.

I am determined to win this election, and we will win with your help.


Lori Swanson

Prepared and paid for by Swanson for Attorney General, PO Box 65490, Saint Paul, MN 55165


thedatabank, inc.

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