"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Friday, December 18, 2009

Health care and abortion

If you want to distill why the health care "reform" currently before the US Senate is a Bad Idea, you need look no further than the issue of abortion.

Abortion is an issue where there is very little middle ground. Either it is the taking of human life, or it's not. If you believe that it is, then there is very little justification for murder. If you believe that abortion is not - that a fetus is just a lump of flesh - then abortion is a right, and should be exercised freely and state funding must not be denied.

The health care "reform" is the classic "one size fits all". The senate bill will allow the federal government to dictate what will and won't be covered by insurance policies nationwide. It will become illegal to sell insurance, and effectively to provide medical services without the approval of federal regulators.

If passed, federal health care officials will be required to decide on the question of abortion. Will it be covered by insurance or not? If covered, it is inevitable that it will also be funded by taxpayers. If it is not covered, it will be far more difficult (or even impossible) to get a doctor to perform an abortion.

Who supports such a "one size fits all" solution for the explosive issue of abortion?

Who supports giving our right to debate and legislate on this issue over to unelected federal bureaucrats?

Who wants to give an elite group of Washington DC insiders the power to make our most intimate decisions for us?

The Government Takeover of Medicine (aka "health care reform") is a very bad idea. Write or call your representatives and tell them, before it's too late.

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ReaganMan said...

Don, you're correct the bill basically guts the Hyde Amendment which has had long time bipartisan support and restricted government funding for abortion.

Planned Parenthood still gets around it to the tune of @$1B/yr of your tax dollars. They're funds are for education. Right! Here's an example of their education:


At our Life Care Center we speak the truth to abortion vulnerable mothers via free, private funded, ultrasound.

In just the first 38 pages of the House bill payment for abortion takes up 3-1/2 pages. Small business gets one paragraph; mainly on how it will pay for the new bill or be penalized for not bending to the leviathan. Let's hope that the abortion crazed over reach by the partisan left helps defeat this abortion of a bill.

Terry McCall