"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Beware of the Republican Establishment

by Bay Buchanan

Sent to me by By
Minnesota Republican, Representative Mark Buesgens

Between the town hall meetings and the tea party rallies, millions
of Americans are taking to the streets to protest a government gone
berserk. They are angry and determined to take their country back.
But there are snakes in the grass intent on using this movement to
return to power, not the people, but the Republican establishment.
If this happens we lose everything, including our country.

To succeed, the rebellion must produce candidates with fresh
faces--populists who share our outrage for the arrogance of
Washington, individuals who will fight for American workers and
American families. We need primaries to nominate candidates that
aren't owned by party leaders, powerful special interests, nor
Corporate America.

Last year, seventy-five percent of Americans believed the country
was headed in the wrong direction and they threw out the bums --
Republican bums. Obama and his comrades misinterpreted the victory,
believing it was all about them, and proceeded to impose a big
government leftist agenda on a conservative nation. Now voters are
ready to throw out this new set of bums.

Enter the Republican establishment. They sold this country out
when they were in power and can't ever be trusted again. But they
see an opening and are setting the stage for their own return. They
are handpicking candidates -- Bush-likes and Bush-lites -- to run
against conservatives in primaries. Many are retreads, all are
available for purchase. Then the party elite endorses their
candidate early in the primary, fills their coffers with millions
from corporate PACs and special interests, pressures party regulars
to get in line, and sends word to the grassroots candidates:
"Drop out -- you can't win".

Their game plan: shut out the conservative populists. But if
candidates running for office because of love of country are
marginalized by the party elite, in favor of career politicians
beholden to party leaders, we are lost -- and so is America.

Look at the Senate races. The National Republican Senatorial
Committee (NRSC), led by Sen. John Cornyn, has already endorsed in
half a dozen Republican primaries, with more to come. Solid
conservatives with great credentials -- new faces, future leaders,
threats to the party elite -- were already announced candidates in
many of these races. But Cornyn and his cronies aren't about to let
the rank and file choose the candidates -- too risky. A man of the
people might slip through and too many of them could lead to
government by the people.

In Florida, the NRSC endorsed Gov. Charlie Crist, an Arlen Specter
Republican, who is running against a young conservative Cuban-
American Marco Rubio. Rubio was a long shot but the NRSC
endorsement so outraged conservatives nationwide it breathed new
life into his campaign.

In Colorado, District Attorney Ken Buck, a tough prosecutor of
illegal aliens, was gaining traction in his campaign for U.S.
Senate. Enter John McCain. He calls Jane Norton, former Lt
Governor and state chairman of his presidential bid, and convinces
her to run against Buck, promising the NRSC endorsement, plenty of
money, and a lock on the nomination. Le Moine Dowd, a grassroots
activist, summed it up perfectly: "Do we want the NRSC deciding our
candidate? Does this action by the NRSC make the primary election
irrelevant? Does it make the Colorado Republican Party irrelevant?"

In Ohio, Rob Portman, a former pro-amnesty congressman and Bush
trade rep, announced his bid for the U.S. Senate earlier this year.
Then Tom Ganley, a conservative businessman from Cleveland
infuriated by the massive uncontrolled spending of Washington,
decided to run. Mortal sin, declared the party, which told this
self-made successful businessman to get out of the race, that
"the U.S. Senate isn't an entrylevel position." The NRSC endorsed
Portman and are in full campaign mode. (Do these nitwits really
think one of the architects of the Bush policy that sent our jobs
overseas is going to win the general election in a state with 11%

This same scenario is being repeated in a dozen other states. The
political bosses are adamant that our candidates look and talk like
them -- the kind that will get in line behind them. Leaders that
rise up out of the rebellion and run for office will be a problem
for them. So the snakes are out to stop them.

The rebellion must start to focus on producing candidates that will
do represent the American people in Washington -- then we must
rally behind them and defeat the establishment candidates in the
primaries. If that doesn't work, we must field candidates to run as
independents in the general. The country is too important to let the
establishment of either party continue to have their way with her.


Brittanicus said...

Has anybody thought deeply about the consequences of another illegal immigrant amnesty? Let's forget for the moment that suddenly 20 to 30 million people are going to be legalized? That Sanctuary states like California, New Mexico have been financially ridden hard into the ground, because illegal workers and their families are feeding at a gold mine at the taxpayer expense. Let’s not mention that since the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill, those made legal, was able to bring into the United States their extended family members. That although they signed an affidavit to support those, many ended up at the taxpayer’s expense. So let's ignore the expenditures to educate, free health care treatment and all the rest of hidden costs of subsidizing a large portion of the US population. The fact that the businesses that draw them here, from every corner of the world--PAYS NOTHING TOWARDS THEIR UPKEEP. IT'S FREE GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES FOR PARIAH BUSINESS, BETTER KNOWN AS CORPORATE WELFARE? Every one of the Democratic leadership have used their influence to weaken E-Verify, county police fed program 287 (g) and ICE raids on businesses.

So president Obama bypasses the masses the hard pressed American, who have entreated him--NO BLANKET AMNESTY! No path to citizenship! So the millions already here get a free ride to your pensions, social security, public option health care welfare. Who in the world is going to pay for all these legalized individual, followed by the onslaught of millions more looking for free health care? NOW HERE COMES THE FIRESTORM! Have we taken leave of our senses, to think for one moment that another amnesty which is in the works? That a single layer fence is going to hold back millions upon millions more people will--COME? This will not be small meandering lines of illegal aliens, crossing the border during the hours of darkness? This is going to be an unimaginably rush at a defenseless 9.000 border patrol agents, that is--Expected?--to hold at bay those who reach our border? Not even the National Guard and regular GI's could stop the wave upon wave? They will sweep in from El-Salvador, Columbia, Guatemala, Peru, Chile and of course Mexico. They will arrive from Canada, Ireland, Poland and Romania by plane clutching a tourist visa.

Every corner of the world will hear the resounding trumpet call of Osama’s AMNESTY. Chinese immigrants with tourist visas will fly into Mexico City and perhaps terrorists smuggled in by M 13 gang members? Not just the poor, but the sick, mentally handicapped along with criminals, absconding from the arm of the law across this planet. NOW THE MOST URGENT QUESTION IS? WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR ALL THIS? We are already swallowing the massive funding for Iraq and Afghanistan. We cannot even find jobs for hapless 15 million American workers, who (if true) are joining day-laborers at Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe's parking lots? So who is going to house, feed and pay-out--more strained US taxpayer money? Perhaps we should send families of illegal aliens to squat in Sen. Harry Reid's gated home in Nevada. Send another crowd to live in House Speakers Nancy Pelosi's grape plantations in Central California. How about Chuck Schumer, HS Chief Janet Napolitano, Joe Biden, Diane Feinstein, Gil Cedillo leaving their house key under the mat, for some large family from Indonesia, India to find?

Brittanicus said...

Let's give them free bus fare to each and every politician with a lousy immigration grading, such as Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) or the whole Sacramento Liberal Marxist assembly, who have sold bona-fide legal Angelino’s into state insolvency? Why not have them live-in at every ACLU office and their communist lawyers so they could feed them. Every pro-illegal immigrant Chamber of Commerce member could open a spare room and settle some family members, until more brothers and sisters could be sponsored and join them. The Catholic Church and other religious groups could welcome them at the church doors and distribute money from the plate? The minority of Evangelicals churches could open up the rectory, accommodating hundreds of cots from the tired and poverty stricken. All the anti-sovereignty lawmakers should have plenty of room in their Virginia mansions, their custom ranches for large numbers of impoverished families. Even the President has that large White structure--could exhibit some kindness to homeless families and FEMA could establish a tent city in the grounds? Any of the House and Senate who compromised illegal immigration enforcement, should announce their address for resettlement of people who just run the gauntlet at the under funded border fence.

Let's face it these people who call us names such as xenophobes bigots and worse, adding ugly cuss words to their vocabulary should also open their doors to anybody who enters America illegally. Microsoft multi-billionaire Bill Gates and the thousands of businesses that don't incur a darn cent should bring these family members together in their giant homes. Corporate owners who have colluded with State governors, Mayors, Judges and other lower echelon officials, should participate with a welcome mat. Perhaps American workers should obtain a hard copy list of every unpatriotic American and give illegal matriarch a page of addresses for their extended illegal families? We have San Francisco’s mayor Galvin Newsom and Los Angeles Antonio R.Villaraigosa and all the other--SANCTUARY CITIES AND STATES who have completely ignore federal laws, can also give refuge in their abodes to incorrigible
gang members who have killed without conscience, illiterate drunk laborers who have slaughtered families on our streets, because they could comprehend English warning signs.

Then just picture the traffic chaos in every corner of America, unless you live in an isolated ranch in the Mohave Desert, in California. We think we have road rage now, but give it a few weeks after unfettered AMNESTY. I even have a better idea. Open America’s doors completely? No Ellis Island, Galveston Island. No documents, no inspections. NO NOTHING. Give everybody a bus ticket of their choosing, to where they wish to go? See how long the open border zealots put up with that progressive rush to overpopulation. IF you have changes of heart give a tongue-lashing to your legislators at 202-224-3121 in Washington. Learn the financial services in billions of dollars to foreign nationals at NUMBERSUSA,. Hidden corruption that has finally been uncovered, at JUDICIAL WATCH? What the US Census has to say about the POPULATION GROWTH in the future of our children at CAPSWEB? Our population will escalate from 255 million to 383 million by the year to 2050? The next 100 million will suffocate our ability to maintain water, energy, food, communication, infrastructure and a balanced environment.