"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Friday, October 2, 2009

Minnesotans for Limited Government Endorses Pat Anderson for Governor of Minnesota (2010)

Dear members and friends of Minnesotans for Limited Government,

Minnesotans for Limited Government is a political action committee formed at the grass roots level. A group of liberty minded Minnesotans created MNLG from the strong principles that brought us together. As shown on our website at www.mnlg.org our mission statement declares “Minnesotans for Limited Government is dedicated to promoting the idea that individual and economic freedom be the first consideration of any government action.”

This week, MNLG members voted to officially endorse Pat Anderson for Governor. Pat has shown that she not only believes in liberty and limited government, but also consistently uses these values as part of her decision making process in public office. She strongly believes in the ideals of MNLG and is the only state commissioner who has ever used her position to eliminate her department and put herself out of a job. Pat adheres to, and has an incredible understanding of, the Constitution as intended which is to protect the individual from state interests. Pat is also the only GOP candidate to have experience with a state-wide campaign. Please take a look at her website at http://anderson4governor.com/, as it is one of the most engaging sites in the current campaign. Pat lists her arguments, thoughts, and principles on several issues in a very transparent manner on her website and encourages individuals to ask for her opinion on the issues. We encourage your support for Pat Anderson.

In Liberty,

Rick Karschnia – Chairman

Minnesotans for Limited Government


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