"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Action Alert From the Minnesota Majority!

Tell Congress to Act Now to Solve America's Energy Crisis

On August 1st, a majority of Minnesota's Congressional delegation voted to skip-town rather than address our nation's energy crisis (click here to see how your Representative voted). Speaker Nancy Pelosi was so concerned that she and her anti-energy allies were loosing the energy debate that she unexpectedly adjourned session for five weeks rather than allowing a vote on the American Energy Act. This bill offers a comprehensive approach for addressing America's energy crisis, including domestic drilling, funding for scientific research and common-sense conservation efforts.

Despite Pelosi's abrupt adjournment, a number of pro-energy House members decided to proceed with making statements on the House floor in favor of the bill. Pelosi promptly responded by shutting-off the lights, microphones and cameras in the House chamber. This has not deterred pro-energy Representatives fighting for lower energy costs for American families. They have continued to stage a protest in the House chambers without lights, microphones or cameras. They are calling upon Pelosi to reconvene session and allow an up-or-down vote on the American Energy Act.

For decades, liberal politicians have been advocating higher prices for energy. They want to "save the environment" by punishing Americans for energy consumption. They have passed policies preventing domestic drilling for oil, the use of coal and the development of nuclear power. The end result has been a growing dependence upon foreign oil, much of which comes from our enemies in the Middle East.

Most people are unaware of what is happening, thanks to the mainstream media which has largely ignored this story. Minnesotans should be outraged. At a time when most families are struggling to deal with record gas and energy prices, a majority of our Minnesota Congressional delegation decided to duck the energy issue and not allow domestic drilling for our own oil!


1. Sign our petition calling on President Bush to reconvene Congress for a special session and for Congress to pass the American Energy Act by visiting www.ActNowOnEnergy.com.

2. Forward this message to friends and family members asking them to also take action on this important issue.

Thanks in advance for taking action to protect America's energy independence.


Jeff Davis
President, Minnesota Majority

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