"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Thursday, July 24, 2008

From the Downsizer Dispatch

I just received an email with this information in regards to the federal Real ID Act. You can check out the source of the following information at a site called DownsizeDC.org http://www.downsizedc.org/

Our Governor, Tim Pawlenty, is a big proponent of the Real ID. He tells us that it will help keep illegal immigrants from taking jobs from law abiding citizens. He also has said that we would not be able to board airplanes without one. Or partake in commerce.

Among the possibilities of a national ID: biometric information such as retinal scans, fingerprints, DNA data and RFID tracking technology.

I spend many days in the Fall sitting in a tree deer hunting. I am a fan of spending my time reading the bible while I wait for some succulent venison-on the-hoof to enter the circle of death. One of my favorites is Revelation. In these pages it speaks of the mark of the devil. Anyone who does not have the mark will not be able to take part in commerce. No buying or selling. No job. Don't they sound eerily similar?

As a candidate for state representative, I feel it is my goal to fight such legislation. The great state of Minnesota must join in with the 21 states that have opposed this federal act so far. This is one of my goals when elected.

Quote of the Day:
"This Bill fundamentally adjusts the relationship between the citizen and the state. How could it be otherwise when it will put the state in possession of an unprecedented, consolidated file of information about every individual which it did not have before?"
-- Lord Holme of Cheltenham

Subject: 21st state rejects the REAL ID Act. The number of states that have rejected the REAL ID Act now stands at 21. The latest to do so is Louisiana. On July 8th Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law HB 715.

It's strong legislation. It directs the state Department of Public Safety and Corrections to NOT implement the REAL ID Act.

It's been a while since we've asked Congress to repeal the REAL ID Act.

We've been focused on other things. Now is the time to hit them again. Let Congress know that you won't forget about this issue. Tell them you're aware that Louisiana just became the 21st state to rebel against the REAL ID Act. Tell Congress it's long past time to bow to the will of the people, who do not want a centralized national identification system. You can send your message here.

We have many new members. If you don't know what the REAL ID Act is all about, we have introductory information on our Real ID campaign page where you can also send your message to Congress.

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