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Matthew 25:33

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Alert! Contact Senator Coleman!

We need to contact Senator Coleman on this ASAP!

There is an issue in Congress right now - the Energy Bill - known as SR 6.

Here is a little synopsis:

Democrat's House/Senate Energy Bill
Status: Headed for a House/Senate Conference Committee to work out the differences

Key points in the Democrat's Energy Bill:
1. Increases taxes on oil and natural gas - our energy supply
2. Gives tax credits/subsidies to "alternative energy" programs
3. Repeals/delays provision that encourage energy exploration domestically in America - which in turns sends people overseas

1. What's wrong with taxing oil and natural gas, our energy supply?- Higher taxes is not the free market way! This Energy Bill would raise taxes on U.S. oil companies by as much as $32 billion. This same-old, anti-market approach of higher taxes and increased regulations will not help consumers or reasonably grow the energy industry.
- Higher taxes will lead to higher energy prices for consumers and businesses. Because oil and gas will be more costly, costs will be just passed along to businesses and consumers. The Heritage Foundation's study found that under current policies, the price per gallon will be $3.67 in 2016. Under this bill, the price per gallon would be $6.41. Isn't $3 gas at the pump enough already without increased taxes?

2. Why is giving subsidies to "alternative energy" bad?- The free market should be deciding what is best - consumers - not the government. Policies should be fair for all energy sources, not favoring one over the other.
- Americans will use more energy in the future - specifically oil and gas. The U.S. Department of Energy projects that Americans will consume 28 percent more oil and 19 percent more natural gas in 2030 than was consumed in 2005. The Democrat's policy will make energy more expensive for the consumer in the future, and not help provide a stable supply of energy needed in the future to meet the growing demand.

3. How would repealing or delaying energy exploration in America affect us?
- New taxes and regulations on energy exploration will discourage new American oil and gas production and make us more dependent on foreign producers. Tax increases make domestic production more expensive compared to the cost of doing business overseas - making foreign oil more economically viable.
- Exploration in America helps our national security. The higher taxes proposed by the Democrat's in congress will make our nation more dependent on fuels from other countries - and more than likely, political volatile regions. This would be bad for America's economy and make America less secure.

Basically: Energy conservation should be a high national priority. Renewable fuels, despite their current limitations, should continue to be researched, developed and utilized to the extent possible. But any energy policy that circumvents the free market, increases the cost of domestic production, makes imports more attractive, and reduces capital investment in the nation’s energy infrastructure is a policy that reduces our nation’s energy security and increases the risk of a more volatile international situation that may put us in harm’s way


- Voted Yes on the Senate floor for the Senate bill, without the tax increases in it

- Leaning yes on the bill because of the ethanol subsidies for corn farmers in Minnesota – the “alternative energy” subsidies

WHO’S AGAINST THE BILL? MY SIDE: The majority of Republicans, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Taxpayer’s Union, National Association of Manufactures

WHO’S FOR THE BILL? The majority of Democrats, environmental organizations, Greenpeace


* Call Coleman’s office in St. Paul at 651.645.0323 and get Matt Ketelsen on the phone. He is very nice. Make the basic statement and a supporting statement (written below) and then he will ask for your name and address. He will not ask questions. This is very easy. Do not leave a message.

- If Matt Ketelsen is unavailable, call Tony Eberhard at the Washington DC office at 202.224.5641

- or try Gerald Woodley at the Mankato office at: 507-625-6800. Leaving messages will not help, we need to actually speak to them.


Basic message: Senator Coleman, I encourage you to vote against the Democrat’s Energy Bill.

Examples of supporting statements:

* I see first hand what higher oil prices mean for my small business and for others in my community. These rising costs really affect my company and bottom line, and we’ll have to increase prices for our customers – other consumers as well. This will not help my bottom line, and our nation’s bottom line.

* I strongly urge you to NOT support increasing taxes. The free market through consumer decision is the best way to decide on energy sources, and also on prices. Government shouldn’t and cannot solve problems that the free market and consumers can do better!

* The energy bill headed for the house/senate conference committee will do more harm to my small business and employers like me. Please vote against this energy bill that includes tax increases and prohibits free markets from working!

* I strongly encourage you to oppose the Democrat’s energy bill because it raises taxes, gives, incentives to “alternative energy” that isn’t proven to work, and inhibits companies from providing lower-priced oil and natural gas right here in America, instead of going oversees to provide the same thing for a higher price.

* The cost of oil and natural gas are high enough!!! Three dollars at the pump is very high, and a real strain on my budget. Any further taxes put on by the government will have a real impact on my bottom line – and the consumers in the area as well. These harmful new taxes and regulations on the energy industry will only hurt people like me.

* Please DO NOT support tax increases on energy in America, and please DO support domestic energy exploration.

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