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Matthew 25:33

Monday, September 17, 2007

Coleman slams MoveOn.org

Coleman slams MoveOn.org for
"deliberate smear attack" against General Petraeus
Calls on Franken and Ciresi to condemn MoveOn attacks, and to reject MoveOn support and dollars
St. Paul - United States Senator Norm Coleman today called upon Al Franken and Mike Ciresi to unequivocally condemn the efforts of the radical left-wing organization, MoveOn, to smear the integrity and character of General David Petraeus.
"Its baffling that one week after Moveon.org's vicious and over the top attack ad that Al Franken and Mike Ciresi have not cleared the record on where they stand. This is a deliberate smear attack against one of America's military leaders during a time of war," said Coleman. "These types of attacks, designed to raise money for MoveOn and to further their radical left wing agenda does little to elevate the debate over the future of our course of action in Iraq. I call upon Al Franken and Mike Ciresi to do the right thing and repudiate these vicious attacks, and furthermore, to have the courage to reject MoveOn's political agenda, as well as their funds."
Franken has been a long-time supporter of MoveOn, having supported their financial efforts personally, and having helped them fundraise. Ciresi, seemed to have repudiated the ad in a statement last week, but then backtracked. Even United States Senator John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for President in 2004, rejected the MoveOn ad, saying:
"I don't like any kind of characterizations in our politics that call into question any active duty, distinguished general who I think under any circumstances serves with the best interests of our country."
Coleman said that differences of opinion on policies related to Iraq should not be confused with personal attacks on the character and integrity of a distinguished United States military leader.
"Al Franken has every right to call for ending financial support for American troops in Iraq - and Mike Ciresi has every right to support an immediate withdrawal of American troops - and, while I disagree with their positions, I would hope they would join me in repudiating the efforts of those who seek to dishonor this debate with personal attacks that do little to further the dialogue and debate about our need for success in Iraq."

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