"He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left."
Matthew 25:33

Friday, May 11, 2007

Legislative ALERT!

Contact Rep. Jim Abeler and Rep. Kathy Tingelstad NOW!

Here is their contact information from the House of Representatives website:

Rep. Jim Abeler:
Office: (651) 296-1729
Home: (612) 245-3764
Email: rep.jim.abeler@house.mn

Rep. Kathy Tingelstad:
Office: (651) 296-5369
Home: (763) 421-2000
Email: rep.kathy.tingelstad@house.mn

With a showdown over the tax-laden transportation bill imminent, the pressure will be on a few members of the Minnesota House to override Governor Pawlenty’s impending veto.

We can’t allow this to happen. If the tax-and-spenders in the Legislature find they are able to override just one of Governor Pawlenty’s vetoes, then get ready for a whole smorgasbord of tax increases.

Representatives Jim Abeler and Kathy Tingelstad have been on record as previously supporting a gas tax increase (in addition to supporting the current transportation bill which includes a 7 ½ cent gas tax increase, a wheelage tax, tab fees and a Metro area sales tax for transit). With gas prices at all time highs, do we really need to pay more at the pump than we already are?

Call or email these Representatives today. Even if they’re not your legislator, a vote to override the Governor means not only another wheelage tax for everyone in Anoka County, but sales tax increases all over the Metro without voter referenda!

Contact Jim Abeler and Kathy Tingelstad and ask them not to override any of the Governor’s vetoes. Tell them you’re taxed enough and tell them to stick with the Governor and the rest of their House Republicans.

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